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In recent times, online gaming has been attracting a lot of ears and mind from the world and have grown to become a large community of users. Because of the attraction it becoming a faster way of earning money online. This has prompted financial companies to venture into the gaming sector. Gamification as been introduce and has been adopted by creators to encourage learning and engagement to users.

Introducing FX Rumble

Gamification is the used game-play mechanics for non-game application. FxRumble is a platform that accepts gamifying to progress engagement with blockchain technology and other financial sectors like forex trading and cryptocurrencies to build core skills that are paramount in trading. FxRumble is a platform that is on a mission to add gamification into forex and cryptocurrency market to help educate in a fun, engaging and rewarding way to it's users.


FxRumble aims to make beginners or its users to play online games to learn the market by playing free demos before staking. At FxRumble, the objective is to create a platform that solves common problems traders encounter. This is done by creating a platform where traders can compete base on their trading skills. This platform has its own gaming principles that include;

  • Rules that guide players action during a game
  • A feedback system for results
  • Voluntary participation
  • Fun and easy

FxRumble further has elements as part of it's core values which includes but not limited to;

  • Incremental progressing system which grows as a player additional step in gaming
  • Motivation badges, instant feedback, collectible responsible, leaderboard and ranking

Gamification of Gaming

Gamification came to be to reduce and engage gamers with competition, rewards and ranking to motivate them engage them in activities. Blockchain has grown since the inception of bitcoin in 2008. This financial sectors works hand in hand with technology and other applications in recent times. FxRumble is trying to educate users by introducing gamified education complete with tournaments and competition to stir participation of players to work on their trading skills in a afun and engaging way. FxRumble gamification idea and its aims includes;

  • To help players master trading strategies for forex and cryptocurrency through gamification
  • To create a social cabinet where traders can meet and compete for real money and other prizes.
  • To give financial literacy


FxRumble Academy

The FxRumble school is a platform that allows users to access high quality educational materials like videos, class, articles, tutorials and news on the financial market.

FxRumble Competitions

Before investing into trading, FxRumble provides players with demo to practice and learn forex and cryptocurrency trading strategies. This demo encourages users to test their trading skills and learn key strategies without risking their money. After mastering the demo and knowing what to do, a player can start investing and playing the game paying attention to rules of the play. There are feedback mechanism that better the players to build their akilsa and apply for more strategies.


A player can compete with other players. Through this, you can learn their trading strategies and techniques. Winners are selected base on their performance not algorithm or AI. Players are ranked base on their trading skills. The higher the ranking, the higher your chances of earning higher prizes. FxRumble competition types includes;

  • Headsup Matches: This is a competition against another trader on the platform. The winner takes the entire reward.
  • The Club Tournament: This is an elimination tournament with a minimum of 20 players. Players face each other, earning a proportion to the final position.
  • The Rumble Tournament: Ths is a monthly game offered to participants to pay a small participation fee
  • The Rumble Satellite Tournament: This allows users to create tournaments with their own set of rules of the game.

FxRumble Token (Rumble) With Use Cases & Tokenomics

RUMBLE is the native token on the FxRumble used for universal transactions in the ecosystem. Its usage include; buying and selling in online shops, use to pay tournaments fee, to procure services or pay contractors, and to access discounts and advantages. RUMBLE is a BEP-20 tokens that is minted with an initial total supply of 1000,000,000 Rumble tokens that have been fully integrated into FxRumble system, find a detailed tokenomics below!


Meet the Team


Project Development Roadmap


In Conclusion

Financial sectors like forex and cryptocurrency do not need to be complicated. That is why FxRumble is simply out to make the process of acquiring knowledge about these institution easy with gamification. Fxrumble is a platform that bring together players across the world to learn new and better strategies and compete in tournaments on the platform for financial gains. Fxrumble connects the world online with gaming and other financial institution by creating an AI enabled platform that entertains and add skills to players on trading through gamification. Do follow the official links i made available below for much more into the idea and solution of FX Rumble, thanks.

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