Famousblock: Creating Values For Unique Entertainment Contents With The Power Of NFTs

By thefreethinkeer | StartUpInsider | 22 May 2022

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The development of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology have led to the emergence of a new opportunity for content creators and artists to monetize their talents in a unique way. Artists and content creators no longer need to rely on auction houses and galleriess to sell their creativity as blockchain have empowered them to sell their creativities directly as NFTs to consumers/collectors. Blockchain utilization also empower content creators and artists to code royalties into their creativities in such a way that they will earn a certain percentage of it valuation at everytime it has a new owner.

Global brands and celebrities such as NBA, Charmin, Taco Bell, LeBrom James, Lindsay Lohan and Snoop Dogg have jumped into the NFT bandwagon, creating and releasing unique artworks, moments and memories as securitized NFTs. Tentatively, NFTs are valuable assets with ownership and authenticity that is transferable, these makes them a perfect carriers for digital creativities as they serve as transactional entities that are mapped directly to the original file of these creativities. In this article, I introduced Famousblock, an NFT platform that creates unique opportunities for monetization of entertainment materials.

Introducing Famousblock


Famousblock is a platform that creates a unique ecosystem where entertainment contents such as videos and images that attracts peoples attention will be bought and sold as NFTs through bidding. Famous media platforms have the entire monopoly over the rich and creative contents that users are creating and sharing among themselve, NFTs are currently booming, given to the value that blockchain and cryptocurrency technology have successfully bestowed on them.

Under the unbrella of FOB Foundation, Famousblock idea centers around creating values for individual users that are active in social media and are very creative in their content creation in such a way that they are making a hits on a global, national or regional scale. The idea is for users unique contents to be traded in an NFT store to interested collectors or fans, thus creating unique values from their memories and creativities.


FamousPletform, a tentative name for Famousblock NFT platform is designed and built to allow smart contract calls from protocols and wallets such as Opensea and Metamask on the Ethereum's erc20 blockchain. FamousPletform empower users to mint their unique contents as NFTs that can be listed and traded on its open marketplace through auctioning and bidding.

Buy & Sell FOB in Digifinex Crypto Exchange


Famousblock Ecosystem's Features

Being an ecosystem whose purpose centers around the idea of creating real values for the unique contents from creative minds that are usually shared in various digital for formats to fans and audience to consume for free, Famousblock is equipped with with major features that includes but not limited;

  • Famousblock Wallet: This is a non-custodial wallet that is web3 compatible. Users can freely utilize this wallet to manage their cryptocurrency assets as well as the platform's native token, FOB that is currently trading with a good price and volume in Digifinex global exchange. Through this wallet, users will also be able to hold there NFTs as well as be abe to access other web3 dApps.
  • Famousblock NFT Store: This is a decentralized marketplace for trading of NFTs (videos, images, audios...). Users can seamlessly aution their NFTs and wait for collectors, fans or other users that will bid and purchase them. The NFT store feature is built inside Famousblock wallet, this will allow users to seamlessly mint and trade their creativities all within a single platform, FamousPletform.

Know About Famousblock token (FOB) & Where to Buy/Sell It

FOB is the native utility token of FamousPletform project ecosystem, the token is minted on Ethereum's erc20 blockchain with a total supply of 1,500,000,000 FOB tokens that will serve as the fuel that powers its project ecosystem. Find a detail tokenomics of FOB tokens below!


FOB token is currently trading with a good volume on Digifinex global exchange. You can head over there now to begin buying and selling of FOB for profits. If you miss the sales or want to be a part of FamousPetform solution, you can buy FOB from Digifinex and withdraw them to your Famousblock wallet to safely store them or utilize them within the project's ecosystem.


Project Development Roadmap


In Conclusion

For a very long time, giants of the social media and content sharing platforms have dominated the economy that surrounds the contents their users uploads and shares. Users create and consume contents for free without any consideration from these giants to remunerate them from part of the huge gains they make. Famousblock is utilizing the power of NFTs and blockchain technology to bring about a paradigm shift to the inhumane treats of these giants by creating real values for the unique hits contents that users create. Do follow the official links i made available below for much more into the solution of Famousblock, thanks.

Buy/Sell FOB | Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Twitter 


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