ETNA Ecosystem: Powering Multiple DeFi Products

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Tech Giants, for example, Microsoft and Sony have collectible items, for example, Achievement focuses for Microsoft's Xbox and Trophy for Sony PlayStation to assist with measuring the value of exertion a player places into a computer game. Accomplishment focuses can be exchanged for other valuable things which can be exchanged for USD Fiat money. Fortenite for example can compensate players with US Dollar for their accomplishments and items in the game.

ETNA is implementing an idea where gamers would be able to change their Non-Fungible tokens over to Fiat or just use them as security to get credits or partake in Decentralized Exchange (Dex) Lending and Borrowing.

Introduction to ETNA

ETNA is a DeFi product that powers a Lending/Borrowing and Trading platform which has a natural feel and is easy to use. The platform is decentralized in nature and is utilizing the Binance Smart Chain infrastructure. ETNA DeFi has no mediators or administering bodies there by annihilating any main issue of disappointment inside the Defi ecosystem.

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ETNA developers picked Defi over Centralized Exchange because of the inclination that Defi system presents. ETNA is digging into this space to convey client driven answers for the progression of the Defi imaginative section. ETNA selected the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem to be able to convey cost effective and easy to understand DeFi products to its customers.

ETNA's Key Products

ETNA's major decentralized finance products includes Lending/Borrowing and aHybrid marketplace systems. ETNA team have coordinated these products into one system, the ETNA platform. So this is one DeFi platform that every DeFi enthusiasts should draw themselves closer to.

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  • Lending and Borrowing: ETNA is a loaning platform to help the utilization of Non fungible tokens as guarantee security to obtain credits by incorporating a NFT tokenization system. ETNA team brilliantly made an influence feature that assists financial investors with curbing the exorbitant interest charges decentralized platforms. Premium free advances are possible once the Investor utilizes ETNA tokens as insurance security. So on the off chance that you take a gander at it according to any point of view, ETNA presents a mutually advantageous arrangement for each.
  • Hybrid Marketplace: ETNA's cunningly incorporates the traditional liquidity DEX convention and a broker buyer type executing measure. The Hybrid Marketplace has an exchanging item and payment passages intertwined, furnishing financial investors with the ability of exchanging various crypto assets without owing various crypto wallets. This will decrease the Hassle of exploring one website to another to get to a wallet or infer numerous data.

ETNA's Mobile Wallet

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ETNA's Mobile wallet is a bliss to surf through. It is a multi-chain wallet in any semblance of Trust wallet and it will house and run every one of the product of ETNA. ETNA's DeBank application will be accessible in the wallet, so there will be no compelling reason to hurry to the website to complete your Debank exchanges and all Blockchains will be upheld immediately. The wallet will be available on Google Playstore and Apple IOS working systems.

ETNA's NFT Marketplace 

ETNA will be tokenizing gaming items which can be bought or sold as valuable commodities in the ETNA marketplace. ETNA is strengthening the union that is occurring between games and financial innovation. Presently you can evaluate genuine games or its items for genuine financial value.

ETNA's Marketplace will introduce gaming items for its created games. Here a gamer can buy the things with ETNA tokens to have more abilities and strength as the advancement in their mission. Once more, a player can choose to sell a gaming thing in the marketplace for another gamer to buy. This occurs continuously independent of their geographical location. The ETNA gained subsequent to selling any game things can be sold in the exchanges ETNA is recorded on and afterward exchanged for USDT, BTC or even ETH. This is an astonishing achievement for the whole gaming community and financial innovation.

ETNA's Utility Token & Its Tokenomics

ETNA is minted on the binance smart chain network with a total supply of 100,000,000 ETNA tokens, these tokens are designed to serve as the primary utility tokens that will be powering all the sections of ETNA project ecosystem. There are four one of a kind sections, specifically the Lending Platform, BBT Market, NFT Marketplace, Currency and Game Asset Value.

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ETNA can be utilized for investment or security purposes. The assets appreciated to 0.9 dollars from its Initial Exchange Offering value, two months prior and are right now exchanging at 0.19 dollars. This is an ideal opportunity to buy the token for speculative purposes. Again as a utility token, ETNA token can be utilized to get credits without offering any insurance security on ETNA's platform.

Meet the Team

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ETNA Development Roadmap

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The ETNA project invites gamers and prizes them for the time and exertion they put in with Non Fungible tokens. Once more, ETNA platform's double motivation behind Lending and Borrowing and furthermore conveying a Hybrid marketplace is a welcome turn of events. Financial investors will actually want to transform their inactive digital assets into ETNA or basically stake them on ETNA's platform to harvest stunning remunerations. Do follow the links i made available below for much more information about ETNA's idea, thanks.

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