EcoWatt: Deploying an Asset Backed Green Store of Value on the Blockchain

By thefreethinkeer | StartUpInsider | 21 Jun 2021


Global warming was brought about by non-renewables, like oil and coal. Accordingly, numerous administrations and organizations are requesting renewable energy to control the speed of global warming and global reserve funds. EcoWatt, a most recent breed sustainable energy firm that spotlights on upsetting the efficient power energy industry, is with regards to the soul of using renewables. EcoWatt conveys a reliable investment cryptocurrency that raises the value and gives security, stability and social benefits.

Get to Know About EcoWatt

EcoWatt puts renewable energy assets on the blockchain to disturb the environmental change development by making green assets accessible to the blockchain community. By buying and marking the EcoWatt Token, the community straightforwardly takes an interest in the development of zero carbon power plants that produce power, procure income, reward marking and further increment the value of the token.

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The EcoWatt tokenomics is incredibly straightforward - it's anything but a limited inventory of ERC-20 tokens backed by renewable force assets. The best way to mine 1 billion ECW tokens that will at any point be given is to actually build 1 billion Watt of renewable energy age. So the basics are very direct: 1 ECW = 1 Watt of renewable energy limit during the Token mining. Whenever mining is closed the developing asset proportion according to the fixed symbolic amount expands the Token value consistently for quite a long time to come. 

EcoWatt's Tokensale

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After the primary oversubscribed private deal, the second private round with a combined objective of 8 million Euro was launched on Tokeny platform on May 15, 2021 and will go on until June 15, 2021, before opening the digging pool for the public in July 2021. EcoWatt has arranged two funding rounds before transitioning into a public access liquidity pool for community members to purchase discounted Token claims. The Founders receive zero Tokens in advance and are 100% tied to the success of the project. A total of not more than tokens will be mined and released onto the Ethereum block-chain via the Polygon (Matic) Network as ERC20 T-Rex tokens.

EcoWatt's Innovation & Benefits

As per the World Economic Forum, in 10 years 10% of the world's GDP will be put away in blockchain, so bridge blockchain and energy businesses quickly. 

EcoWatt is building the main community devoted to the environmental change development, that will actually want to have an effect autonomous of organizations and governments.

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EcoWatt doesn't plan to stop there. Close to developing the Token value by building assets and compensating the marking community, EcoWatt will likewise re-put continues into social effect and food security projects that will support a great many families and plant a large number of trees in participation with

The underlying objective is to make an asset portfolio with a Token market cap of EUR 1,20 billion by 2022 and save 750.000 huge loads of CO2 outflows consistently for the foreseeable future. 

In Conclusion

EcoWatt is one of only a handful few blockchain projects that have Tokens backed by actual assets that bring genuine value and endeavors to improve our reality. Also, it is close to the corner now.

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