CoinChum: A P2P Exchange For The World's Unbanked Population

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A decentralized P2P cryptocurrency exchange is essentially, it is a kind of crypto exchange that is solely controlled and overseen by a computer program. It enables market members to trade straightforwardly with others. It doesn't require the preparing of all exchanges by any confided in outsider. All things being equal, smart contract controlled escrow instruments guarantee trusted, straightforward, and productive exchange between traders.

Decentralized p2p crypto exchanging for sure is the encapsulation of the way of thinking of decentralization. For sure, clients can buy and sell crypto assets straightforwardly without a middle person being available on the platform for working with exchanges. It doesn't need government enactment and specialists' control of any kind.

Introducing Coinchum

CoinChum is a P2P marketplace that is designed and developed by proficient traders for the unbanked individuals so they can get present day and comprehensive monetary administrations for their different requirements. Coinchum gives beginners the assets they need to get a decent hold on the crypto market. At Coinchum, they can get instructive assets to utilize progressed market apparatuses for observing and investigation of market patterns.


CoinChum intends to grow evenly into new market portions later on, thereby moving beyond its underlying capacity as an imaginative exchanging platform for cryptographic forms of money. CoinChum is focused on working intimately with financial investors to guarantee that their advantages are embedded in each phase of the business cycle.

Major Features of Coinchum Exchange

As of late, the global crypto market has seen an expanded requirement for decentralized P2P exchange platform improvement, as they make the entire interaction of exchanging simple and secure. CoinChum is equipped with, but not limited to the following features;

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  • Wallet Security: Security is number one, that is the reason the group fostered a high-security wallet to guarantee that the client's assets are totally protected.
  • Low Fees: Users can trade with low expenses on numerous binary exchanging pair that are available on the exchange, particularly the major and top crypto assets. Users will get lower charges in the event that they have Coinchum utility tokens. Or on the other hand layered clients who have various badges and advantages contrasted with different clients.
  • A Voting System: Users can partake by casting a ballot to be able to choose which coin to list on the exchange. This is a very good feature that will help the exchange in Identifying gems in the cryptospace.
  • Brilliant Customer Service: Customers are a key part of every business, this is why Coinchum is putting its customer support service at a very high priority in order to ensure a near all round satisfaction from its customers.
  • Technical Analysis Tools: The platform is properly equipped with a collection of rich tools that can assist clients with a proper dissecting the market.
  • Cryptocurrency Academy: A digital academy that helps explain nearly everything about the most famous cryptographic forms of money. Instructive assets incorporate recordings, instructional exercises, exchanging systems, and industry research. Clients can post recordings or articles on Coinchum's instructive channels, and different clients can view or pay for them.

Coinchum Utility Token (CHUM) & Tokenomics

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CHUM is utility token that is minted to serve as a fuel that will power the Coinchum project ecosystem, CHUM is Binance smart chain compliant token with a total supply of 200,000,000 CHUM.

Meet the Team

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Project Development Roadmap

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In Summary

CoinChum was built by proficient traders for clients, particularly unbanked individuals. With the arrangements offered by CoinChum, newbie clients can get instructive assets to see all the more profoundly about the crypto market and utilize the different apparatuses available. Thusly, CoinChum can draw in more individuals, particularly unbanked individuals, to join the crypto market and experience the benefits of cryptographic forms of money. Do follow the links i made available below for much more about Coinchum.

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