BlocKombat: An NFT & GameFi Ecosystem Powering Multi-Chain 3D P2E Gaming

By thefreethinkeer | StartUpInsider | 2 Oct 2022

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In the modern age of digital technology and multiple knowledge of the internet and it's usage, the gaming world has witnessed a tremendous growth in online gaming and technology. Gamers across the world can now enjoy a flexible Gaming experience while earning from their comfort zones through different means. This has also given developers more opportunity of earning as they do not need to manually keep track of happenings in the gaming system.

Introducing BlocKombat

With the advent of technology, we now have online gaming that provide more realistic and Gaming experience for players. With this, Blockombat (BKB) is introduced as an online 3D multichain play to earn (P2E) GameFi system with NFTs. The aim of BlocKombat is to revolutionalize the P2E industry with the adoption of cryptocurrency into the gameFi ecosystem.


BlocKombat is a growing play-to-earn ecosystem that will collect people attention and not just game lovers but also developers of the game. With the attention of people towards the ecosystem, it will accelerate the admission of the play-to-earn cryptocurrency into the system. Blockombat has eye catchy features and products that aid users to interact and use BKB within the ecosystem with one another all over the world.

Features of BlocKombat

  • Arena Store: This is a spot provided by Blockombat in the game section that allows players to explore more new arenas for exciting game experience. The arena Store can only be unlock by BKB token to select different advance arenas. The players buy new arenas with the BKB tokens to allow them select different arenas.


  • Character Store: A player can purchase more characters with more sophisticated weapons and armors that will help win battles to earn more tokens. The character Store has skills, energy and weapons that help the players to win more battles if purchased.


  • Skills Store: Players can buy skills and add more to their players thereby making combat experience more pleasurable and exciting. The more the players win, it enables the user gather more tokens.


  • Weapon Store: Players can purchase weapons to aid them in winning more battles and also earning more tokens.


  • NFT Store: Gamers stands to get more access to merchandise in the ecosystem by holding the NFTs. Also, rare NFTs are used to reward users in tournaments.

BlocKombat Gaming Modes

  • Solo Mode: This is a BlocKombat gaming mode that allow players play against the computer. Blockombat players earn 10 BKB for winning a fight. The solo mode also allows a player to play without holding any $BKB token as it has a free mode game play. The solo mode section is a free P2E that allows a player to play for free but not earning any token despite winning. Remember, a player earns $BKB tokens by simply holding some tokens.


  • Duel Mode: This is a gamble where a players can set a specific $BKB token and invite another player to play. If the other player agrees to accept the duel plus the water amount, they play to win. There is a 10% fee attached to withdrawals of tokens won in this category. Simply, the duel mode allows two players to agree on a duel and combat for it, anyone who wins takes the share depending on their agreement.


  • Tournament Mode: Anyone who is able to stake $100 worth of $BKB, stand a chance to win a prize pool of $500-$10,000 $BKB tokens in the tournament mode. There is provision of a maximum number of 1020 blockombatants to join the tournament for the prize pool. The players will use $BKB as fees to join the tournament with different fees depending on the amount to be staked.


BlocKombat has the way BKB is used for transactions within the ecosystem. BKB collects transaction fees made during transfers from one user to another during trade. The transaction fee is collected to enable run the project seamlessly without external funding required after TGE and further listing. Players also pay certain BKB native tokens to access tournaments and benefits from the prize pool if the win during the competition. The BKB tokens collected are locked in a wallet and later added to the ecosystem reward wallet that is use to promote and market activities in the community at a high level.

BlocKombat Business Model

For tax, there is a 5% transactions fee implementated by the project team that regulate token supply and prevent inflation. This is done to help the project operate without external funding and listing after the TGE. Also, during the the P2E tournament, $50-100 BKB tokens are paid by players to gain access to the competition and participate for the pool prize and win. The tokens paid into the tournament wallet are added to the ecosystem reward wallet to be used as reward to keep the P2E, promote, and market activities around the ecosystem.


There is a 10% duel mode fee also sent to the reward wallet. Also is the merchandise business module where merchandise like skills, weapons, arenas, and characters are sold with $BKB tokens and returned to the rewards wallets. Also, all NFTs and liquidity pools staking will also be sent to the rewards wallet. That is how the BlocKombat business module works.

BlocKombat Token, $BKB & Its Tokenomics

$BKB is the native utility token of BlocKombat gaming ecosystem, the token is minted on BSC blockchain with a maximum supply of 1000,000,000 $BKB tokens that will serve as fuel that powers all economic activities within gaming ecosystem. Find a more detailed tokenomics of $BKB below.


Notable Parners


In Conclusion

BlocKombat is a play-to-earn (P2E) gameFi that is building a world class blockchain gaming project in a decentralized way with centralized exchanges. The more blockchains, decentralized and centralized markets are launched, the BlocKombat team believes it will open more wags to community members and game lovers to enjoy and earn rewards through gaming.

BlocKombat's a play to earn 3D multichain gameFi ecosystem rewards players with NFts and tokens. It is the aim of BlocKombat to revolutionize the gameFi industry and further accelerate the admission of crypto into the play to earn gaming industry. With its numerous eye-catchy features, it will aid both layers and developers enjoy a wonderful Gaming experience while earning income. Follow the official links below for much more into the solution of BlocKombat, thanks.

Website || Whitepaper || Telegram || Twitter || Medium || YouTube


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