11Minutes: World's First Blockchain Play2Earn Game Series

By thefreethinkeer | StartUpInsider | 22 Feb 2022


NFTs and gaming are closely intertwined, especially with the growth in adoption of blockchain and crypto technologies. In the past, gamers are known to be playing mostly for fun, but recently with the power of blockchain integration of NFTs gaming have become a very rewarding profession and the interest it keeps attracting is only growing. In this article, i talked about 11Minutes, a blockchain powered play2earn game series.

Get to Know About 11Minutes

11Minutes is a play to earn game that allows a user to earn NFTs by gaming online for just eleven minutes. The game is structured in a way that it allows the user to earn tokens by playing the game series with new games for each section. 11Minutes distributes rewards funded by NFT tickets sales and adding NFT farming mechanism to let NFT's tickets stay valuable after every game sessions.


11Minutes NFT Minting & Game Play Explained

Before playing the game, a user must be in consonance with how to play and win. Now, how does a user mint? First of all, a user must have a wallet that will be connected to the game before he can be granted access to play by switching to polygon mainnet blockchain.

The next step is to press on "get ticket " to purchase your mint and chances of playing. If that is done, the user next confirm the transaction in wallet. Users must make sure they are connected to the right network which is polygon mainnet using the correct address.


After the confirmation, the user will also follow a step by step approach to play the game. First, the user will have to mint his NFT game ticket and wait for the game announcement, after the announcement, the user will have up to 24 hours to start the game. After that, the user will play game for only 11 minutes. Furthermore, a user is to play the game and hit highest score to reach a high rank to claim his reward after the game.

NFT Funds Utilization

Out of the 100% NFT funds, its allocation in proportion includes; game prize pool which is 60%, development has 10%, 5% is for special prize pool, 5% for ecosystem, 5% for marketing and another 5% for staking. (2.5% NFT and 2.5% for token). In addition, 11Minutes game has numerous advantages that include the following:

  • It reduces the cost of staking to a low initial costs
  • It multiples NFTs and can be use for multiple NFT's purposes
  • It also has high rewards
  • It is also multi chain for changing games and
  • It can be use online and reuse on a mobile phone too.


11Minutes Token (gELVN) With Its Utilities & Tokenomics

gELVN is the native utility token of 11Minutes game metaverse, the token is minted in binance smart chain blockchain with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 gELVN tokens that will fuel all economic activies of the game metaverse. gELVN is designed to power a lot of rich functionalities which includes:

  • Staking: In staking for the game, $ELVN is the currency that is use in staking with a stable APY rates for staking rewards.
  • NFTs Minting: In NFT minting, a user will have to use $ELVN token to mint game tickets NFT's before he will be allow to get into the game.
  • Play2Earn Rewards: Daily and weekly game rewards is awarded or is paid in $ELVN
  • NFT Farming: the NFT farming rewards are also paid in $ELVN . NFT farming also create additional rewards for players of the games session even if the players do not reach a good spot in the leaderboard. The game ticket NFT's will be use for the NFT farming.
  • In-Game Purchases: As the game grows and progresses, future version of the game will allow the user to be able to create his own character. It will also create chance for the user to personally build his character and to be able to buy skin and other accessories for the character using $ELVN
  • Tier System: The game will also create space as launchpad for new play2earn game. In participating in those launches, the users will need to also buy Tier NFT's which will only be purchase with $ELVN token.


Meet the Team


Game Development Roadmap


Investors & Partners


In Conclusion

11Minutes game is a play2earn game that allows one to earn tokens by playing the game within eleven minutes. Despite the enormous problem with play2earn that includes less earning of money to make a living, having the same returning tasks and playing the same thing everyday thereby becoming a day by day work. Play2earn further creates solution to such problems which include creating a game series with different games for each sessions and distributing enough rewards to it's users. Do follow the official links i made available below for much more into the idea of 11Minutes, thanks.

Website | Pitch Deck | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | YouTube | Medium


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