What is the truth about ALIENS? New Declassified information from U.S and Mexico

By B. Em | Stack of Sticks | 24 Sep 2023

I think its personally part of the plan. I think that the government had a hand in the Trucker protest in Canada. When the truckers started protesting in Canada, I feel like they told Minister Trudeau " Do this in your country, trust us, otherwise it may get out of hand". That way even though the States is very messy in regards to social issues and crime. The States will still seem like the best option for making a living by making Canada seem Authoritarian.

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On the other hand not too long ago, they televised heavy violent crime going on in Mexico. It was on replay. Either way you look at it. they want to make you think " Ok, I cant go south of the border due to heavy crime and I shouldnt go north of the border because of the Authoritarian government". Therefore giving off the illusion that youre better off staying where you are. 

Now since you are staying where you are, the best thing to do now is to make you feel like you are together. Part of the same team. How will they do this? Well it seems like the intelligence agencies wants everyone to come together for a short period of time. How will they achieve this? Well a " migrant crisis" seems like a good headline. Youve seen it recently recommended to you by the algorithm on social media sites and video platforms. Sam Tripoli even spoke about this in his podcast. He called it the next "Psyop" and it seems like its going that way. The plan looks like they want everyone to release their "anti-migrant energy" in protests, rather than releasing that energy through voting in the next election.

How does that all tie in to Aliens? The government wont release any information unless it benefits them as institution. That is the reason the "JFK assasination" documents have not been declassified. That would destroy the goverments image in its entirety along with its legitimacy.

Aliens are the unknown. People fear what they dont know. Aliens benefit them in two main ways. It can help them flip the alien story into any way they want. They can suddenly release information that aliens have been living among us for the past 80 years. And that they have turned against humanity and make it an us vs them situation. Ronald Regan once said that he thought about how humans would be united under an alien threat. Another way that this can be flipped is against so called "adversaries" like China and Russia. They can make it seem like the goverment has alien technology that no other country has. By doing that "adversary" countries will think twice before showing any hostility. 

The recent news about Mexico showing fossilized looking aliens is not coincidental. It seems like it was done on purpose. A government organization working alongside another government organization. Under that same pretext " trust us, this is for the greater good" similar to what was told to Trudeaus government during the Trucker protest. The government pays off the other governement through donations, charities or research. Mexico wont just ride in its lane and release alien information just because. They hadnt ever done that before. And it doesnt follow the pattern that its followed historically. It is out of character and most likely was given the "ok" by the country whose top export is weapons.

So lets talk about what the government has us thinking right now, at this time. I cant go south of the border due to rampant crime. I cant go north of the border due to Canadas authoritarian government. Russia is a gangster state and China is a communist police state. If you believe this then they have you right where they want you. They have you in the palm of their hands. If youre somewhere in the middle then youre somewhat informed and if you dont believe any of this you are truly and independent thinker. Opinions vary but facts cannot be disregarded.

As much as people may want intelligence agencies to be disbanned or " unfunded" they simply cannot be. Without intelligence agencies the government will only be as competent as its leader. Since the leader would have to gather all intelligence him/herself. That is why intelligence agencies were created to put that responsibility on very smart people, an organization of people. Those people then show their findings to the President/ Minister. And the President then makes decisions based on those findings. But what if the President/Minister is incompetent. In that case the president is not really in charge and is more of a puppet. A puppet which can be easily manipulated by the "Deep State"/ Intelligence agencies. In order for that to not be the case the President/Minister has to be Intelligent himself, wise, competent and confident.


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