Why is cheating allowed in video games?

By ssticman | technoholics | 4 Feb 2021

So a lot of people wonder why is cheating allowed in video games? Well, there are a ton of reasons why it's allowed,
The biggest reason is that the developer allows them. Wait I know you are wondering right now saying what???? Do Developers purposely leave cheats on their games??

But hear me out,
Usually when the game is not published yet, basically on beta/testing mode. So let's say they want to see if the new item they added works, but getting that item costs lots of time in the game. So they create a cheat code to give them their item so they can test it and see if it works. I mean it doesn't have to be just an item. It can be passing entire levels(Unlocking them), certain game modes, etc. I guess you get my point. But this is a good kind of cheats since their intention is not harmful.

We usually have the bad side of cheats, those which include hacks, bots, etc..you get my point. These are bad cheats because the developers don't allow them. Usually, these are made from players on their ends, programmed or created with a program. These are the type of cheats that will most likely get you permanently banned, or in most cases when you install them you get a virus that you don't even know about.
In conclusion, we have 2 types of cheats, the developer ones' which no one talks about, and the ones which everyone knows of. Stick to the good site and don't risk getting banned by using them.

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