Is the autonomous, a demi-god? Someone thinking, superior?

By Emanuel90 | Sr-Emanuel-btc | 3 Sep 2020

Adversities of an entrepreneur.

In a country, from a developing continent, Undertaking is something rare, almost frowned upon! Why am I saying this? Being part of this society in a developing country, and middle class. We were never taught to fend for ourselves, in schools they prepare us as good employees, good machinists. Never to develop our individual skills! That's why when someone had that divine light! Wanting to undertake, we are not well regarded, they see us as dreamers, they see it impossible for one to escape from this system, of course I do not blame them ... From relatives, to the most studious, they fear a future without bosses, without the security of a large corporation , you are terrified to imagine a future without retirement! For that reason some negative comment always sneaks in, when they ask us what we work on ... The entrepreneur must be clear about his goals, his dreams! The one who disapproves of us will never be lacking. As if fighting our own fears wasn't enough!

The convictions of the self-employed.

I learned not to express my ideas about the financial system, about the social system. When with foundations, one criticizes the method of governments, to offer us that much-loved retirement (retirement), when taxes increasingly destroy the worker, or the employer gets rich with our sweat, paying crumbs, to exceptional workers , with careers and a lot of experience! By expressing ideal stories, stories, positions on the system ... Many times we do nothing but hurt those people, who fit in very well, and that is how they are happy. I am always slight, because I would like to remove that veil from people's eyes, but only, to those who want .. And to those who don't, to the one who is happy, leave him happy.

Is the autonomous, a demi-god? Someone thinking, superior?

When reading this article, anyone would believe that the entrepreneur is enlightened! He thinks superior to any other inhabitant of this earth .. But I don't see him in such a way. Personally, I would give what it was, to be happy on a schedule! For having that joy, that happiness on the last day of the month, knowing that it is pay day. Save all year for a vacation! Or for a weekend outing, drunk. Not fitting in, it's a frustration! Wanting to escape from what in theory is normal, a job like dad's, like my friend's! Having that flame in the chest, for being an entrepreneur, for being "free", that lack of freedom. The employee is no more imprisoned than the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur goes to bed with work, keeps it in mind every day, reads self-help books, has nightmares about failure, sees his savings flow, and profits and profits from profits ... It is constantly observed, the government Thank you, who seems to want to see us fall. What else would I like, to settle for the common, and not with the ambitions of false freedom ...



Sorry, if there are spelling mistakes in the translation, and thanks for reading. I'd like to know what you think, and sorry if I exaggerated! I have a poetic side (: Thank you.

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