Por que no te consigues un buen trabajo. En una empresa seria...

After ten or eleven years ...

By Emanuel90 | Sr-Emanuel-btc | 1 Sep 2020

I met a friend, from ten years ago, we studied at the same technical school, I did not meet her until the last fifteen days of my last year at that wonderful school. I was quite struck by how well I fit into the "weirdo community"! When it was my turn to tell what I lived and how my ideas evolved, in the course of those more than ten years without seeing each other. She was 28 years old, received good grades, and pursued a career as a "laboratory extractionist" (nurse) and continues to study in that area as a cardiologist. He had a cute little girl! He married, and separated, a few years ago .. He never stopped going to rock concerts, I know that he always loved. But it was my turn to tell my part .. And this I wrote .. Ugh! More than ten years, I went through a thousand things .. Disappointments "falls" and "rises". When I finished technical school, I went out like any young man to want to eat the world, to get a good job and get promoted, and then study to get more promotions! But things don't go the way you plan, not always. But it didn't go well for me, I had a foray into the law degree, but magically that degree, the institution, the people who were studying, gave me more strength to undertake, to be autonomous, which I think was what prevented me from having a good relationship with companies. So I never pursued a career again, I started at 24 years old. A year later I got engaged! I tried to start a family, but as I say nothing goes our way, not always ... That relationship was a "setback" to my "career" as an entrepreneur. Although yes, he taught me a lot! So here you see me, ten almost eleven years later, without a family without any career and still dragging that dream ... Which is hard, but, throughout those years it was what I needed.

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Soñador...emprendedor... Técnico electromecánico... Escribo por que puedo...(:

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