The Names of the Dead Reyes and Puerta Will Be on the Captain's Armband of Sevilla

By barbadosso | Sportz | 25 Jun 2019

The Spanish club decided to honor the memory of their former players.

In the season 19/20 on the captain's armband of Sevilla will be the names and numbers of the two dead football players of the club - Jose Antonio Reyes and Antonio Puerta.

Reyes is a graduate of Sevilla. He crashed last month. According to Mundo Deportivo, his car was driving at a speed of 237 km / hour. Along with Reyes, their cousins, Jonathan Reyes and Juan Manuel Calderon, were killed.

Puerta is also a graduate of Sevilla. He died at 22 in 2007. During the match, Antonio survived several cardiac arrests and died at the hospital three days later.



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