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Cristiano Ronaldo is the first footballer to have received cryptocurrencies as a reward for career achievements.
Cristiano Ronaldo receives 770 JUV, the Juventus fan token: one for each goal scored.
Cristiano Ronaldo is the first player to have received cryptocurrencies as a reward for the goals achieved during his career: as reported by the Spanish news portal Marca, the Juventus F.C star has received 770 JUV, or one for every goal he scored.

JUV is the official Juventus fan token, launched in 2019 on the Chiliz blockchain, in collaboration with the Socios.com platform. Fan Tokens allow club supporters to vote in club decisions, as well as give them access to benefits, competitions and prizes.

The amount of 770 tokens, awarded to Ronaldo before the championship match against Benevento, is worth about $ 11,550, given that the current price of a single token is $ 15. At launch, the JUV token was worth just $ 2.

Although the former Manchester United and Real Madrid star will certainly not need this money, it is still an important historical moment: it is the first time cryptocurrencies have been awarded to a footballer in recognition of his career merits. . In the past, however, it has happened that sports clubs paid their players' salaries in cryptocurrencies rather than traditional money.

Dozens of football teams have already issued their fan token on the Chillz blockchain, including the likes of Manchester City, F.C Barcelona and Paris St. German.

The value of Chillz's native token, CHZ, has responded positively to the flow of activity due to the issuance of football club fan tokens. From January 1 to today, CHZ's dollar price has increased by 2,500%, while its market capitalization has risen from $ 100 million to $ 4.5 billion, before falling to the current $ 3 billion.

With the issue of the BAR fan token by Barcelona, ​​could Lionel Messi, historical rival of Cristiano Ronaldo, follow in the footsteps of his Juventus colleague? The Argentine star, despite being two years younger, has already scored 734 goals compared to Ronaldo's 770.

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