Rams/Lions Swap QB's: And The Winner Is.......

By InfinitePrime3k | Sports4life | 1 Feb 2021

     The Superbowl hasn't been played yet and the off-season hasn't officially begun, but that didn't stop the Rams and Lions from making the first blockbuster deal of the coming league new year on March 17th.  It wasn't a surprise that Goff got traded, but I don't think anyone expected him to get traded that quickly and especially to the Lions for Stafford who's spent the bulk of his career with a failing franchise.  It's been clear for a while that McVey's patience with Goff was wearing thin and this season it made clear when he went with the backup QB to start in a playoff game over Goff despite Goff saying he was good to go.  Unfortunately, the backup was injured in the first quarter and Goff ended up playing in a losing effort.  Afterwards, the GM & McVey gave no definitive statement that solidified Goff in a Rams uniform next season.  Over in Detroit, Stafford was in the process of notifying his team that it would be best for them to part ways.  One factor in part was a new regime coming in with the hiring of Dan Campbell as the new head coach, and the second which was really the first and biggest thing was the Covid protocol in the state of Michigan on which Stafford's wife expressed her displeasure earlier in the season.  Either way, it was time for a change of scenery for Stafford who has been highly consistent despite the losing years in a Lions uniform.  Goff on the other hand has been extremely good, extremely bad, and extremely average in his 5 years with the Rams.  The year that he was extremely good resulted in a Superbowl appearance, but I don't think even at that time McVey was sold on Goff as the key to his offense.  For those of you who may not know, McVey was groomed under John Gruden at a young age and for those of you that are familiar with John Gruden, his offense requires a QB to be efficient, precise, and consistent.  McVey demands the same of his QB's and also one with a bit of mobility for playaction rollouts and a sense of the pocket with good footwork to execute the developing downfield shot or be able to get it to the checkdown securely.  The trade makes sense to me because Stafford's played for a lot of head coaches in a lot of different offenses and still managed to put up numbers despite it not translating to wins.  It's going to be interesting to see how quickly each QB learns their new respective offenses and how they gel with their new teams.  In my overall opinion before a snap is even taken by either QB next year, I'm declaring the Rams the winner of this trade because they have a battle tested, experienced QB who is obviously mentally tough after giving his all to the Lions for 12 years through the ups and mostly downs.  However, I also think that Goff will be very formidable with his new team so don't expect him to turn into a pumpkin because the clock struck midnight for his time in LA.  I just think the Rams with that coach and that defense just plugged the missing key in their offense that will elevate higher than Goff was able to take it.  This is the first of man blockbuster moves this offseason in the QB market of the NFL and this trade actually has me looking forward to the offseason moreso than the Superbowl now.  

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