Exciting Tuesday of Champions League! Inter Milan vs Atletico de Madrid - Borussia Dortmund vs PSV

By Speed Lover | sports_related | 21 Feb 2024

Today, we had some interesting football matches in Champions League. First of all, Borussia Dortmund visited PSV for their first match of round of 16. The german team ended its group first, while the other team ended second.

Both team have a very strong and talented line up, with some interesting names like, Marcos Reus, Luuk de Jong or Jadon Sancho.

The match was pretty intense, with a very equal development from both teams. It ended up in a 1-1 where both team had a similar amount of possesion: 56% (PSV) and 44% (Borussia). PSV had 14 shots and 4 on target. While Borussia had 8 shots and 5 on target. There where some important chances that ended up in nothing, as a result of the good defense both teams had. The goalscorers were Malen (24') with a huge shot and Luuk de Jong (56') with a penalty. 


Write in the comments, who do you think will get to the next instance.

On the other side, Atletico de Madrid visited Inter Milan. This teams were meant to have an exiting match, although many people predicted it wouldn't have many goals. The game ended 1-0 for the local team.

In this match, we saw a very organised defense and a surprisingly inaccurate attack. Many chances were missed by some of the best strikers of the moment, like the argentinian, Lautaro Martinez. 

The possesion of the teams were: 57% (Inter) and 43% (Atletico). Inter had 19 shots, and just 5 on target, while Atletico had 7 shots and surprisingly none of them were on target! The goal scorer was Arnautovic (79') who missed many oportunities. 

Inter won the match, but could have won it more confortable if they didn't miss many of their oportunities. The french player, Thuram left the match during half because of an injury. We hope it's nothing to really worry about! 


The next match Inter will have to go to Wanda Metropolitano! 

Who do you think will get to the next round?

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