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The other day I was watching Tik Tok, and I saw a video where there was a football match being played, and there was still 20 minutes to continue playing. The interesting thing about it, was that all the players in that moment stayed right where they were and did not do anything for the rest of the time. Obviously, the fans started to whistle the players, because they payed to see the game. When the event finished, the truth came out... The players stopped, because the game was already fixed in order for one team to win it. The players were tired of having to depend on what the bets are, in order to play well or not.

These situation usually occurs, in small leagues in countries from África, but also in EE.UU, where everything has to be a show. For example, there are many excellent players in MLS, like Sergio Busquets, Luis Suarez, and many others, who do amazing plays in big leagues like LaLiga, Premier League, but in MLS, they can't give a single good pass, or they just avoid shooting, like if they were not able to. I am very sure that if any of this players really play like they play, they would win a game playing practically alone.

Although I said this usually happens in small leagues, there are cases in big leagues. Like the situation with Sandro Tonali. For those who do not know what this is about, the player used to be part of an illegal net of bets, where he gambled money in games of his own team, where he did not play. If I remember correctly, in one Champions League's match he did an unnecessary tackle, in order to receive a yellow card on purpose.

If all the sports depend directly from the online bets, then it's no longer a sport. This mainly because, before the match starts people already know who's going to win. 

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I remember when I was young, and I started watching football because of Messi, that I wanted to see every match he played, because you could see the passion in his eyes and in the eyes of his opponents. They all wanted to win, and be the bests! It's very sad to see in what the sports turned into, just in order to make some people rich, and the rest make them poorer. I think that if people really want to gamble, they should go to a Casino, but stop messing with this events.

I just imagine, all those childs who like football, or who want to be professional football players, who might not succeed in their dreams, not for not being good enough, but for the bets. There might be many players, who are even more skills than the most famous ones, but could not have the chance to prove their value, just for not being from an specific country, had a big sponsor, or money to show up. I feel very sorry for all of them.

Even though, the people in charge of ruining the sports, are really destroying it, there will always be kids, teenagers and even adults who will always watch and play their favorite sports for passion and for having fun with their relatives and friends!

Possible Solution

While I was writting this article, it came to my mind an idea that could change completely the situation: What if all the betting companies, stop being related to sports. It would be a win - win if you think about it. Because the people who have gambling issues, or just want to make easy money, will still be able to bet, but their gamble will not affect the sport at all. The only affected in these situation maybe, will be the gambling house, because they will not be able to win as much money as they win, even though we know how fast thinking this people are, and they will always find a way to win more and more money.

The other solution, that is more radical, is that the governments publish a law that prohibits this kind of betting. I think that the first option is much more better, and will please everyone.

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What do you think about this? Do you know any other possible solution? Write in the comments what you think about it.

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