U21 European championship

By casperBGD | Sport events | 24 Jun 2019

Euro 21 is in final stage, with semi-final in front of us, four teams pass through into semi-final - Germany, France, Spain and Romania.

Neither team has all wins so far, and Romania and France came together into semi-final from group C. Semi-final matches are following:

Germany vs Romania, with both teams had seven points in group stage. It will be interesting to see which team will be in the final, and Germany had clear situation in front of last round, not to lose against Austria, which they did and pass  through. Romania was on top in a group with France, based on a better goal score, which is quite a success for them.

France vs Spain, where Spain pass into next round from triangle with Italy and Poland, where they won over Poland and miss the match from Italy, while France was second in a group with Romania. I expect interesting match and France in the final.

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Sport events
Sport events

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