A hand painted image of a brown skinned goddess and the universe

A Goddess Body

A Goddess Body



My eyes are like the universe. Empty, vast, unknown—They hold a beauty that man desperately wishes to poses and can never know Their secrets in any of their multiple life times.

My hair is like the ancient forest. Tall, proud, old—Their roots reach down into the soft and hard soils of sister earth. Towards the sky Its ends reach into anything and everything that gives Them thickness and longevity.

My breasts are like whales. Enormous, majestic, holy—They ride the tides and seasons to feed Their young and to fill the endless seas with Their volume. Constantly They flow, above and beneath the folds of the waves.

My vagina is like a cave. Deep, untouched, rich—It holds the valuable treasures that men seek and descend in to find. But It holds onto Its bounty, and swallows up any guests tricked into Its depths. Its guests are disillusioned and forever seeking in the dark Its legendary treasures.

My limbs are like shadows. Long, dark, attached—They reach out and extend with the power of the sun. An alternative self that can never be over taken or cut off. Forever They reach and grasp on the surface that sustains Them.

My soul is like God. Omniscient, lasting, loved—It created everything about me in likeness of self. Nothing is wrong or out of place: It is where it should be. Like God, It will never stop creating in the likeness of Me.


Image by Gloria Omolafe

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