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Undervalued Crypto: AAVE, a Top 100 Bargain!

By Rukka Nova | Spiritualmax | 23 Nov 2021

AAVE is a crypto with a good-sized market cap already and is among the Top 100 tokens, so it isn’t a niche buy like most of the low cap gems in my portfolio.

Having said that, I still believe that AAVE is a bargain, especially considering the fact it has a lot of room to expand thanks to its upcoming projects and the fact the crypto economy is starting to value what this project brings to the table increasingly more.

You see, the competitive advantages of AAVE provide users with a lot of convenience and versatility, things that some bulkier protocols are severely lacking, and the masses are known to be both lazy and averse to using too many different projects – hence convenience and versatility are prized advantages to have.

But it goes deeper than that, as new projects such as Wolf.Game promise to bring a lot more action to the table.

So, let’s take a look at this underappreciated token, and why I have it in my portfolio at the moment and plan to get a bit more before the next bull run.



AAVE Adds Choice, Integration, Convenience, and Versatility

So, what is AAVE?

AAVE is a DeFi protocol that allows people to do stuff like borrowing and lending crypto, collecting interest, depositing to liquidity pools, and so on.

It also has the advantage of allowing what is called “Flashed Loans”, one of the initial competitive advantages of the protocol.

This Decentralized Finance token has some other competitive advantages, like the sheer versatility of supported tokens, allowing users to work with about 20 different cryptos.

Flash loans are still a relevant advantage, and they are loans with no collateral but that demand repayment in that same transaction.

Finally, AAVE also allows you to get either fixed interest rates or variable interest rates, which provide you with either certainty in times of volatility, or better rates when a dip is predicted.

However, there’s a new competitive advantage out there, and it’s the upcoming DeFi Play 2 Earn Revolution.

The future of Decentralized Finance.



AAVE Has Solid Projects: Enter the Future of DeFi!

My channel name is Dopamining, and for good reason.

We are always trying to mine that sweet Dopamine, and even Elon Musk said that we are all “slaves to our limbic system”.

That’s why projects that capitalize on this will always have the advantage, and why the P2E craze – or the gamification of DeFi or NFTs – is seeing such tremendous moves and becoming such an unavoidable phenomenon.

In this area, AAVE also has some solid projects coming out, with a special mention to Wolf.Game and its gamified DeFi approach, which is going to bring a lot of action to AAVE, capitalizing on this new trend.

However, since people are calling it a trend, I have to say that due to my studies – and yes, I even have studied in Gamification through the University of Pennsylvania to back that up – this is far from being a trend.

Gamification is going to become the new norm, and we’ll see it in increasingly more areas of our lives. 

Luckily for us, people involved in AAVE are noticing this move, and I’m glad because if they didn’t I probably would have rotated my investment to platforms with that vision.

If you hold AAVE then embracing this new “trend” may be the right thing to do.



The Future Belongs to Creative Minds: How Dopamine Regulates Behavior 

We are, as a collective, becoming more and more focused on two things – instant gratification, and creativity.

According to many of the greatest minds out there, the single most powerful way to predict the success of an individual is his ability to reject instant gratification in pursuit of long-term results.

Well, this is getting harder as society evolves in a way that is constantly hitting us with surges of Dopamine and we need new content every 5 seconds, think about TikTok and Instagram Stories for example.

In a world where behavior is oriented to Dopamine gratification – which needs immediate action to be triggered – it is vital to use creativity and gamification to provide instant feedback and reward small actions that will benefit you in the long run.

This is the foundation of why Gamified DeFi can make people feel better while rejecting short-term gains and going for long-term results – they are going for long-term results with small steps of Dopamine boosts along the way.

We’re no more than Lab Rats looking for our next fix, and we need it conveniently.

AAVE is going down a path where it will deliver both – now the question is, will other protocols blow its competitive advantages out of the water?

Only time will tell, but for now, I’m holding, it seems that this is still a pretty undervalued gem in the Top 100 Market.


Did you enjoy the video?

If so, don’t forget to leave me a comment with your thoughts down below, I always love to brainstorm with my community.

If you didn’t already, then invest in my channel by becoming a subscriber… who knows where the markets will take us.

See you next time, and get to Dopamining!



Transcribed with Permission


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