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The $LYXE Drop: How LUKSO is a Micro-Cosmos For Understanding Market Movements

By Rukka Nova | Spiritualmax | 23 Nov 2021

The $LYXE Drop: How LUKSO is a Micro-Cosmos For Understanding Market Movements

The Crypto economy is made up of flourishing plains of groundbreaking projects and fetid swamps of Ponzi schemes or rug pulls.

Regardless of whatever side of this planet you’re on, you are now fully enveloped by it and the vast myriad of tokens trading in this new age market.

As traders, investors, or simply HODLERs, we like to wake up in the morning and see green, but sometimes fate has other plans for us.

Sometimes, you wake up and see a bloodbath on your portfolio… and this is what happened to $LYXE Investors today.

The market fell over 30% in one hour and people were turning to Twitter and their favorite shills for comfort and coping arguments.

But you were different, you tried to make sense of it and spot the opportunity… after all, it’s when the streets are red and panic spreads that smart investors make their moves.

I’m a reasonable guy myself, and I was able to see how this movement perfectly sums up the Market Movements of the whole ecossystem – you can therefore think of LUKSO as a Micro-Cosmos of sorts that enable you to understand human psychology regarding the markets.

If you want to hear why $LYXE crashed, what is the market’s pulse, what’s the end game and what does this all mean in my opinion, then watch the video and don’t forget to give it a thumbs up if you do like it?



Why Did $LYXE Crash: Disappointment, Mainnet Delays, and Market Sentiment!

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to discover that $LYXE crashed due to the announcement that mainnet isn’t coming this quarter, but only on quarter 1 or 2 of 2022.

The message was ambiguous as they didn’t state a quarter, but a semester, and therefore as I always expect the worst option since I like to be pleasantly surprised, I think it’s safe to expect a 2nd Quarter launch.

This is, according to many opinions and my included, in the middle of a bear market and so investors were annoyed.

But this isn’t the only reason, you have two others to consider.

The first one was the obvious panic and lack of liquidity, which makes this asset drop harder than others with more liquidity in play.

The second was a bit more nuanced, but definitely present – discontent from the community.

There’s one thing capitalists always have to bear in mind, and that’s the old age motto of:

“ – People vote with their wallets.”

By giving its community a feeling of betrayal with this delay, many wanted to express their disappointment and did it in a way that is obvious for the devs – a sellout.

The delay, the discontent that it caused, the panic, and the lack of liquidity were all responsible for what we’re seeing here today, and that’s why I have to remind you of another thing to consider…



Crypto Isn’t About Short-Term Stonks: It’s About EndGame Profits!

Regardless of whether you own $LYXE or not, and whether you believe in LUKSO or not, you’re in crypto so this applies to you.

These markets aren’t about the short-term wins and the quick appreciation of money, it’s about the exponential growth endgamers profit from, it’s about long-term results that make life-altering changes in your wallet, it’s about finding the gems early and sticking to them,

Ok, granted that if you’re a short-term trader you can still 10x your money and all that, but most of us don’t have what it takes to have the same results we’d have if we just spot the gems and hold them until they meet our targets.

I met a great gem of a “crypto expert” of sorts on Twitter, @cryptoendgamer, and he was the one who got $LYXE to my attention some time ago.

He also talked about other projects but $LYXE stood out, as it truly has potential.

…and trust me on this, I am not “shilling” or getting paid to say that – as if anyone would do it to a zero subs guy like me.

However, due to the fact I believe in this project, I see two ways people can proceed through this disappointing news, and even though I have my chips on one particular way, I’m going to show you the two paths this can take from here.

If you believe in $LYXE (and if you don’t why are you even watching this), then there are two ways this can go.



What Does This Means for $LYXE: Two Ways to See It!

You can either see the delay as putting the Mainnet launch still in a Bull Market, or you can see the delay as placing the Mainnet Launch in the upcoming Bear market already.

If you think LUKSO is going to launch its main net in a bull market, then this dip is the time to buy to stock up and DCA (or dollar cost average) into the climb for maximum profits.

On the other hand, if you think the project will launch in a bear market already, then you should avoid buying as it will dip further or give you more than enough time to accumulate before the next bull market arrives.

Regardless, $LYXE is a token that will only show its true colors in the next bull market, not in this current one, so I do believe you should stick with it or just get out with your profits if you have any and wait for the proper time to get in, depending on what you feel the market will do.

In my opinion, the main net launch will catch a bear market, and so I’m holding for now and I’m skipping this buy opportunity – even though I think it’s a bargain.

I think I’ll have more than enough time to pick up more of the token at even better prices because bears tend to get things oversold, especially when there’s a lack of liquidity or the project is early, and $LYXE ticks these two boxes.


And that’s what I had to tell you about LUKSO and this unforeseen dip.

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Invest in my channel with a sub and who knows where the markets will take you.



Transcribed with Permission


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