World at War

Russia, Putan, Ukraine and Crypto


Ukraine history was part of Russia where Putin originated from. Before it got taken over and segregated from main USSR Russia. So are the still accepting Bitcoin not outlawed? According to Euronews it will restrict but not ban.

Mexico is starting to accept Bitcoin.

How much resistance is Ukraine who accepts Bitcoin, putting up in this new conflict with planes boats and tanks. Is it equivalent to the resistance of Bitcoin involvement in their country at first and will this now pull down the crypto market's indefinitely? For as long as the wars go on? Is likely to affect stocks and cryptos continually. Many agree that this effect will go on and the stocks markets are already showing signs. Already falling since invasion began. Russia now occupies Chernobyl. Oils prices and cut off of oil pipelines already happening. 

Putan is really is completely invading Ukraine.

What about the bombing of Chernobyl? Will radiation through the jet stream happen across Europe similar to its original disaster? I ask the spiritual world of the devine for this not to happen. So another tragedy and loss of life and sickness of the fall-out including fall-out of near by area from military bombings does significantly impact the health of people and all life. Their is a story where wild hog slaughter upon mass in Germany after radiation spread to that country during the Chernobyl first disaster in 1986, city Pripyat, north Ukraine SSR near Kyiv.

Risk of NATO getting involvement, being mobilised already. Will they be used? If so more crypto market disturbance inevitable. Will Putin take further action beyond Ukraine for capture of other neighbouring countries of Moscow including Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Estonia's Great Northern War of 1700-1721 an example of the ownership via occupation can change throughout history. 

Feel's a lot like these political leaders of warfare are playing the game of risk moving pawn's on a board, military strategies engaged and deployed. 

Thier should be more peace, love and Joy in the world. 





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Spiritual Business Man
Spiritual Business Man

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Spiritual Connection to Cryptos
Spiritual Connection to Cryptos

The representation of energy that money represents. A store of work done of energy spent given to another human in the form of a payment amount. A monetary value. That can be used and spent. The proof of work value can be spent with other people also to business's offering services and products. The spiritual connection Cryptos have with us humans is a direct relationship with are earthly energies of light that humans and use. We humans are made of light are very cells glow.

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