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Bitcoin is really down now so is Altcoin's


Weekness in the crypto market.

Massive volitilaty in this asset class. 

No way of being in this asset class without being about to dodge the volatility.

The bigger picture. Bitcoin adoption storey. So goes Ethereum and alt coins. 

Bitcoin properties have not changed will be used and owned by the billion of people. 

Is thier a culporate. Because the NASDAQ high correlation. Fed crazy about interest rates because thier terrified about inflation.

Mistake many bitcoiner's are making right now? Temporary event not to be confused with a long-term problem.  In many crypto assests. 

This is temporary the market will repair itself overtime, the conditions of rectification. 

Bitcoin and ethereum will. The adoption storey is not going away. 

may have happened in may 2017. After that we know bitcoin is not going to 0. Unless thier is some sort of catastrophic software failure.

Use these types of sell off is a good buy in option right now. 

NASDAQ and S&P 100. Both look like they want to move down to the 200 week moving average, big chance bitcoin will. 

Don't loose your mind. 

We cannot control the price of bitcoin. 

The long-term value. 2025. Half a million dollars value in bitcoin. 




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Spiritual Business Man
Spiritual Business Man

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Spiritual Connection to Cryptos
Spiritual Connection to Cryptos

The representation of energy that money represents. A store of work done of energy spent given to another human in the form of a payment amount. A monetary value. That can be used and spent. The proof of work value can be spent with other people also to business's offering services and products. The spiritual connection Cryptos have with us humans is a direct relationship with are earthly energies of light that humans and use. We humans are made of light are very cells glow.

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