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Here in this article I will be giving to you one of my top 3 A.I coins for this year and why. 

ChatGPT gaining populiarity. Is bring out all the other A.I projects to the forefront of public attention in the tech sector. 

Other language learning models. A.I. learns how to interact with us humans. Learns about us, real-time. In California thier is a robot that does deliveries. It learns how to interact with people, avoiding collisions with humans. But I do not consider this A.I to be self aware yet as in my opinion these robots do not have it's own soul, definitely not in the way humans do. That doesn't mean that it cannot be possessed by spiritual energies, forces, ghost in the machine, but only that which us humans let it have, we humans have the spiritual power and the choice. These can be measured with scientific instrument by observing differences in the electro-magnetic spectrum and perhaps other frequencies. Noting thier behaviours. If I had the time a resources I would totally be doing this. Love the idea of being a real life ghostbuster. 

Their was a coin project by McKafee called ghost. I would like to add if he was still with us giving conferences. This coin project with his expertise would be much greatly moved on in terms of its project progress and relevance to other cryptos in the crypto space. Possibly even in the top 5 on coinmarketcap. This ghost coin still has a development team to the best of my knowledge and is a stablecoin. McKafee was a direct threat to the CBDC stable-coins as it was one of the first crypto stables that you could actually earn yield on, some say he got whacked. If this coin became mainstream with it's yield capabilities and become adopted by the masses, their literally would be no need for a bank in the traditional sense, FIAT banks. These 'traditional' banks make money on the money you give them and you get next to nothing on that money, for instance savings accounts. If you can have a savings account that creates more yield returns why not use that one. It is likely Tether or similar will be doing good yields by staking their stablecoin. But thier is also the dangers of not have self-custody on-chain staking. Off-chain staking comes with more risk as we have seen with FTX the whole exchange that allows customers to stake can go bankrupt. In FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried's case, not for good reason, shameful financial fraud, mixing user funds, I expect jail time for Sam. 

SingularityNET is a coin you can stake and is one of my top 3 for this year. As Bitcoin fluctuates in price you can make money, if your a trader you could stand to make money by pulling out at the top, cream off the top, and reinvesting in the price dip. However you really have to be careful with trading. Make sure the price really has dipped enough before you re-invest your profits. Disclaimer: This is my educational advice not financial, I'm not a financial advisor.

Always have a strategy to implement before you begin. Do your due diligence. 

If you want to find out more about A.I coins for this year and crypto. Subscribe. Thank me later.

Love and joy.




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Spiritual Business Man
Spiritual Business Man

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Spiritual Connection to Cryptos
Spiritual Connection to Cryptos

The representation of energy that money represents. A store of work done of energy spent given to another human in the form of a payment amount. A monetary value. That can be used and spent. The proof of work value can be spent with other people also to business's offering services and products. The spiritual connection Cryptos have with us humans is a direct relationship with are earthly energies of light that humans and use. We humans are made of light are very cells glow.

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