Holiday Card Club 💌 - send & receive actual holiday cards with a buddy

By StuffBySpencer | Spencer's Stuff | 23 Nov 2019

💌 Holiday Card Club is a fun little online club where you'll be randomly matched with a fellow club member & become card-buddies!

📬 You then make a card just for them & send it out in the mail (yup, real, actual, tactile letters).

🎅 Think of it as "secret-santa", but with holiday cards (and therefore: less stress, less financial investment, and more customization).


📅 The current timeline right now is as follows:

  • 📝 NOW => DECEMBER 14th sign-up via the site, and wait for your buddy match email letting you know who you're making your card for!
  • 📮 You'll then have until DECEMBER 18th to mail out your cards! The mail can be a bit slow sometimes, but we hope everyone will receive their cards around Christmas (or, at the very least, before the new year!).

Enjoy your holiday cards! 💌

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