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By Scanova | SpencerCanova | 5 Mar 2020

I know you’ve probably heard a lot about these Sweatcoins. “Get Paid to Walk” App. It’s like a cryptocurrency but not really. Sometimes even advertised as one. Well for all you true crypto fans out there, I am sorry. For everybody else here’s why I believe Everybody should have this app on their phone. 


Sweatcoins was established to create an incentive for being healthy. Go for a walk and in return you get to try out items for free. Or atleast at a discount. I believe this is the next wave of apps. The ability to incentivize or reward for doing the things we should be doing anyway. If a company can profit off people walking, and in return we also get rewarded then why not? 


Sweatcoins has been a wonderful addition to my app portfolio. I truly do feel incentivized. The Elusive 1000 dollars cash although it seems way out of reach keeps me going on a walk during every work break and any chance I get. In the meantime I get access to apps, and services that help me save money. 

Now how to take real advantage of the app. The app itself will not make you rich. It may not give you any cash at all. Maybe one day they will cross the line into real cryptocurrency (which has been talked about) but until that day...


  1. Look for any opportunity to save money. Maybe it’s on something you’ve already purchased or a gift that you were hoping to start soon anyway. 
  2. Invite friends and earn cash.
  3. Save up to earn other cash rewards. 


I love this strategy of apps that save me money or maybe even pay me a small amount. That money will never change my life, but it can go towards my investment account or another cryptocurrency that maybe I do believe in.


I love making extra cash online! I'm obsessed! I started because i was broke but since then it has become such a wonderful hobby of mine that allows me to invest that extra money that i will one day live off of. 5 dollars here gets me some more crypto, 50 dollars here gets me a stock portfolio, 100 dollars here gets me into an dividend paying Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)


Sweatcoins has done this for me. It has given me the ability to save money and make a few extra bucks which have built my savings and investment and in 20 years I'm going to thank myself. So unless money just comes easy to you. Take this as an opportunity to create a new, maybe small, but new income that one day, you will thank yourself for.

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