Apps That Make You Money

Apps That Make You Money

By Scanova | SpencerCanova | 6 Mar 2020

Before even starting this blog I have been obsessed with ways to make money online for quite some time. I absolutely love finding free money on the internet and helping that money grow. 

Apps are such an incredible way to make money whether you know how to make them or whether you just want games or even if you're just looking for something to download and keep on in the background you can definitely earn a few extra bucks to pad that wallet of yours. 

Free Stock Apps

These apps are great especially if you're looking to get into stock investing. Even if you are not though these apps will give you free stock in companies just for signing up. 


  1. Webull. Webull is one of my favorite no commission stock brokers. You can buy and sell stocks all day long without having to pay the company any commission. They also have a lot of other fun ways to invest and save money. The best part is definitely the free stock when you sign up as well as after you make your first deposit of 100 dollars or more. So give it a try here.
  2. RobinHood. Robinhood is very similar to Webull. They will give you a free stock once you are all signed up and verified. Super popular app and you can get more free stock for inviting friends. Click here
  3. Bumped. Bumped is amazing. Think of this as a cashback app but in stock. When you first open your account you will get 10 dollars worth of free stock. All you do after that is choose which companies you like to visit. Attach your debit cards and every time you visit that location you will receive a small percentage of stock back in that company. It doesn't add up super fast but Its all free. I have made over 30 dollars back in stock that I am just holding on to. Check it out here

Free Cash/Cash Back

These apps actually are not hard to find. There are tons of them these days. I just want to point out a few of my favorites. Apps that work well and that seem to be most worth your time. 

  1. Pei. Pei is a fairly new app. It is super simple and just allows you too hook up your bank account or debit card and when you spend at certain stores you will get some cash back. As many do they also have a decent referral program as well. Use this link and get a free $2.50.
  2. Acorns. Acorns has grown a lot in popularity since I started using it but it is still one of my favorites. They make it super simple to create automatic investments as low as 5 dollars. As well as their round-up feature allowing every purchase you make to add a little money towards your portfolio. You will also get a 5 dollar bonus just for signing up through this link here
  3. Chime. Chime is a little different as this is a bank account app. There are a lot of these now because banks are moving away from the traditional location based banks and moving all online. Using this code, once you are all set up and they require you to set up a direct deposit. Once you receive your first direct deposit of 200 dollars or more, you will receive 50 dollars into your account. Check it out here.
  4. Achievement. If you love to walk this app is pretty fun. After downloading, just sign up and begin walking. You get points by walking and answering questions about your health. Once you hit 10,000 points you get 10 dollars. It's that easy. It does take a while though especially if you are an inside kind of person but if you are outside a lot and love walking. This app is definitely for you! 
  5. Panel app. This one is super simple. Create an account and then just let it run in the background. If you are okay with an app reading your data you will love being able to just let it work in the background and it will pay you. Again it is a slow process but it truly is passive income. 

Free Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is definitely an amazing place to be in right now. Whether you believe it will be the next money revolution or not it's a great way to make extra money right now. 

  1. Coinbase This is not technically an app although Coinbase does have an app but i encourage you to check it out anyway. 10 free dollars worth of Bitcoin when you sign up here. Chances are if you already know about cryptocurrency you already have an account. If you are not familiar or new to the space check out Coinbase. It is super simple and very helpful to use. After you have an account though check out You must be logged into your account but if you have an hour to sit down and watch a few videos this is a great way to make an extra 20 or 30 bucks or more. Coinbase earn was designed to teach you about different crypto currencies and then reward you for learning. Generally for each video watched and then you answer a simple question after the video you will receive 2 dollars worth of the cryptocurrency. Each video lasts only 2-3 minutes. So again go check it out now.

  1. Phoneum (Cloud Earning). A mining app that silently in the background mines Phoneum. Phoneum is a gaming crypto that can be used in other apps. It only requires you to check in every 7 days to start mining again as it runs on a 7 day cycle. It is not one of my top cryptocurrencies right now but if you're looking for a few extra bucks it might be nice.
  2. Electroneum. Electroneum Is on a mission to bring money and a form of payment to people around the world who don't have the ability to open a bank account. They are doing wonderful things and just opened a new platform called Anytask. Very similar to Fiverr but you can pay in Electroneum. This app will be very much the same as phoneum. It just works in the background and only requires you to check in once a week to refresh your energy. The only difference is you can refresh this after 24 hours and it will reset to 7 days any time you do that. 

Make Sure you enter my referral code 6Ec3CAC and this will give you a little bonus to get started.

  1. Binance. Again not technically just an app. If you are a trader, Binance is for you. It allows you to trade and hold cryptocurrency to earn more. If you are in the US use this link to sign up. Anywhere outside of the United States click here to get started. They also offer you Bitcoin with their referral program as well.
  2. Voyager. A bitcoin wallet that will give you 25 dollars just for getting signed up. Takes a few weeks to get your money.


  1. Coin. Collect Coin Tokens while you walk, or drive. That's it. Created by XYO Coin is trying to revolutionize the way GPS and other Global positioning works. They reward you by simply moving around. As they are trying to collect that data which can be used for future projects like tracking packages and other great use cases.
  2. Sweatcoin. Earn sweatcoin while you walk. This is not a real cryptocurrency. They have talked about creating one but you can use sweatcoing to purchase items out of their marketplace which i have actually been pleased with. Or save them up and they have paypal payouts but don't expect that to be a quick process. Or you can earn money by inviting people as well. 

If you are already in the crypto space here is a quick list of programs you can use to help your crypto portfolio grow. Not necessarily apps. 

  1. Nexo. similar to a bank and pays yearly interest on a number of coins. Also you can borrow and take out loans using your Coins as collateral 
  2. Same as Nexo. Pays interest on a number of different coins. It offers a debit card to spend your crypto as well with cards that offer great benefits. Also has a great referral program as well
  3. AMFEIX. One of my favorites. If you are open to a little more risk. Professional traders manage your funds and help them grow. BITCOIN ONLY. results vary.


I am not an expert in crypto or making passive income. Atleast not yet but i can 100 percent vouch for all of these programs. They are safe and your money will be taken care of if you decide to put money in. They are no scams. I have been using these for a long time and have made a little money from all. 

I hope these will help you get a nice start. Put some money in your pocket or pay off some debt or even start an investment account. 

Maybe they will even give you enough to start a small business of your own. 


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