Verity Alpha: My Experience / Review

By ashleye | speedyfaucet | 2 May 2019

Initially finding a link for Verity Alpha, on either Publish0X or one of the Airdrop pages, I decided to check it out..

Verity Alpha, now Verity Hive pays users to complete some fact checking tasks, rewarding the consensus, after one is reached, with either fractions of ETH or an amount of their own VTY ERC-20 currency.

I joined Verity Alpha, opened my Metamask account, got some TEST ETH on the Ropsten Test Network & linked it all to the Verity service & away I went.

The process for joining an event was clicking the link up to an hour before the event start time & paying a small fee, usually mostly gas (from the Ropsten TEST Network), for: 0.000089ETH

After a few weeks, I had completed 16 x various fact checking & AI activities, with only a % of them reaching consensus.


Here’s a rundown of my experience:


Even after my tardiness, the Alpha system returned my ETH on a 133% basis, & paid returns to the MainNet. Not a bad return..!

Verity, now branded Verity Hive, has since cutover to ETH MainNet

With a great return % on the Alpha system, I had the same expectation on the MainNet version…


I find myself hesitant to join the events with such high fees: Now @ 0.000774ETH

I cant justify spending the higher fees for an untested return on MainNet nonetheless..




I welcome any feedback on your experiences

I have not been paid nor am affiliated with Verity in any way..

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