New Trending Coins on the Crypto market: Where and How to buy MILK2 and SHAKE

There is a new player in the CoinMarketCap Top Gainers list and the CoinGecko Top 30 Trending Searches, SpaceSwap. The project was launched in September 2020 but didn't catch much attention until now. This week, the SpaceSwap team released a new feature called shadow staking, and both native coins, MILK2 and SHAKE, went to the moon.

Shadow staking is a new approach to LP staking: users don't need to send out their tokens, the system reads the information automatically from the wallet. Thus, the users save on gas and are always sure their tokens are safe.

Once the feature was launched, the tokens started to grow exponentially. From $0.19 on February 1, MILK2 jumped to $4.75 on February 4. With a small correction, both coins continue steady growth. Amid the release, SpaceSwap built new partnerships, like the one with Curve. 


For those who want to hop on the ride, here is a guide on where and how to buy MILK2 and SHAKE with a few clicks. 

MyEtherWallet (MEW) and MetaMask Wallets

SHAKE and MILK2 are available for direct exchange on the two most popular crypto wallets, MEW and MetaMask. Both services give a variety of quotes to choose from. Thus, you can get the most for the number of coins you have.

The swap process consists of 4 easy steps and almost identical in both wallets. How it works in MetaMask:

  1. Click on the ‘Swap’ option.



2. Select the tokens and the amount you want to swap.


  1. Find the best rate and click swap.


4. Wait until the transaction is completed. Enjoy your MILK2 or SHAKE or MILK2 and SHAKE!

Check the SpaceSwap blog for a detailed guide on MEW direct swap.



Another quick option is Uniswap. Besides speed, the service also offers better commission rates. To trade coins first connect your wallet and proceed to the 'Swap" page. You can either select MILK2 and SHAKE from the list of available tokens or add the coin addresses manually in your wallet. The second option is much safer, as scammers may use the same token ticket but change the address. You can take the MILK2 contract address here, SHAKE address here


Select the amount you want to trade and confirm the transaction. Now, you're a MILK2 or SHAKE holder.



The process on the 1inch platform is nothing different. The first thing you need to do is to connect your wallet. Then, select a token you want to trade with and the one you want to receive. 


Click swap and confirm the transaction. That's it! 


SushiSwap is another platform to trade MILK2 and SHAKE in a couple of clicks. Connect to your wallet and go to the 'Swap' page. Select a 1inch token list and search for MILK2 or SHAKE tokens. Click 'Swap,' and you're done.



You can also trade MILK2 and SHAKE on BTCNEXT, BitMart, Mooniswap, Nimera, Bilaxy. The process is all the same: connect your wallet, select coins, enter the amount and swap. The number of services that rush to list MILK2 and SHAKE coins signals of reliability and big potential of the project.

As for the future highs, MILK2 and SHAKE can reach, nobody can yet predict the numbers, but there are a couple of hints. The shadow staking feature was the initial factor to prompt the growth, and it remains the basis for continuous growth. The technology looks promising 'on paper' and in action. Next, the team is committed to the further development of SpaceSwap. Looking at the recently published roadmap, soon we'll see new DeFi products and SpaceSwap NFT cards. 

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