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Dr Who -Worlds Apart :- NFT Trading Game

By SpaceKadet | SpaceKadet | 20 Mar 2021


As I had a few random milliseconds to kill before I switched my brain cells to tackling the day job.

I thought I'd have a wonder around the ether for the latest crypto craze out there.... NFT collectibles.

I’m a Dr Who fan, so I was delighted to find this week that a new NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) trading game called Dr Who –Worlds Apart is due to launch later this year.

Utilizing the power of the blockchain it gives gamers the full ownership rights of trading cards they purchase in the game. The cards themselves are wonderfully creative and have their own asset number and rarity that may make them unique and potentially valuable.

The screen shot below taken from my account shows just 2 of the cards I’ve purchased so far.





Resources : 

1. Dr Who - Worlds Apart Website

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Aerospace enthusiast that dabbles with poetry, crypto and salsa.


Aerospace enthusiast from United Kingdom, who likes to dabble in cryptofinance

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