The Next Bitcoin but with Free Mining - Introducing Pi, the Future of Crypto

The Next Bitcoin but with Free Mining - Introducing Pi, the Future of Crypto

By Sp427 | Sp101 | 1 Apr 2021

In this article I will be discussing the potential for a new cryptocurrency called Pi. It was developed by a team of Stanford graduates whose goal is to manufacture a cryptocurrency that is operated by everyday people. In order to achieve this, the creators produced an app in which all users can mine their currency. All you have to do is download Pi Network, which is free on all platforms.


Shown above is an example of the home screen you will see. Notice, on the right you can see how much Pi an hour you are mining. Once the application is downloaded, all you have to do is check in every 24 hours to keep the production going. The more users join, the less "π/h" you will earn. Therefore, start mining as soon as you can in order to earn as much Pi as possible. The image below displays the future halving of Pi.


Currently, Pi does not have any value, however so did bitcoin at the start. This is due to the currency being extremely young compared to every other cryptocurrency there is. The developers hope to make this the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, and with its increasing popularity, it definitely can be.  Currently, more than 15 million users are mining Pi, making its way to countries all over the world.

The main difference between Pi and other currencies is the vision of making cryptocurrency available and easy to use for everyone. Instead of needing tons of energy and money like Bitcoin mining requires, mining Pi requires a couple simple clicks and which ever mobile device you are reading this article on. So join the Pi movement now, and watch this young and promising currency take the world of cryptocurrency by storm. 


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