Sunday February 19, 2023

By SouthernStar71 | SouthernStar71 | 19 Feb 2023


I'm thinking I will go get the little blanket I some times get under when I'm cold in here. Currently feeling a bit cold. I have taken my Daily Thyroid pill. Also, have eaten a bagel and drank most of a Coke Zero Sugar. I was cold before drinking the CZS. Last night was the first night I didn't sleep under the comforter. I didn't sleep cold. Therefore, the feeling of cold has to be an effect of the room I am in.

I do need another 2 hour stream of Marvel Snap even though it should have counted the Friday stream. I should be getting to that soon. That way I will know if it counts it or not. If it doesn't, I will get in contact with the sponsor and see if I get a reply about the situation. I could stream it again on Monday if I need to. Just have to get it to count it by 230pm on Monday. Need people to complete Season Pass Level 3 and Level 8. The first is an hour or less. The 2nd takes about a total of 2 hours of play. You do need to be a new user of Marvel Snap. Also, need to use that link for it to count for me.

I have recorded the Nascar Trucks and the Xfinity races so far. I watched the end of each stage and the finishes of both races. I do have the Great American Race scheduled to be recorded today. If I remember, I will put it on the TV in here and "watch" it while I have the LoL LEC Groups on the computer. I do need to do a predictions video of the 2 series that take place today. I should do that before I stream. That way it won't be rushed and I can upload it and schedule it to go live before the matches start at noon my time.

That is about it for me today. I'm doing OK. Sticking to my routine. Having a routine really helps me out and gives me structure. It is what I require while I still am adjusting to being alone in this house. It has been about 3 and 1/2 months. At some point it will become my "normal" and I won't tear up when thinking about it. Until then the routine does help.


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I ramble weekly about things.


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