Saturday Musings January 28, 2023

By SouthernStar71 | SouthernStar71 | 28 Jan 2023

Need to go pay the water bill today. Good thing is I can do a drive-thru and leave the payment in a drop box. Usually I get to pay it at a bank that is close to the house. However, this time I didn't get the mail until it was too late to do so. Therefore, I will do the drop box thing.

I'm just going to watch the highlight videos on YT for LCK this morning. The LEC I will have on my 2nd monitor when it starts at noon my time. Hopefully the games are good. G2 and VIT seem to be better than everyone else with G2 looking the strongest. I do like Team Heretics but that is probably due to Jankos being on that team. 

MLB spring training is a month away. I do have the TV in here with a cable box. I will most likely watch a good bit of MLB muted on the TV. That one month will go faster than I think it will. 

I do have a stress test 2/22. It will be the first one for me. I'd rather have the test and know if anything is wrong with me. I feel fine. I have taken my Thyroid pill. Will get some toast and my CZS about 7. 

I continue to do the Daily Quests for Rollercoin. Here is my referral link If you aren't currently doing Rollercoin, please sign-up using my link.

Purchased some Steam games. I will be playing Wylde Flowers as I really like the demo and picked up the full game. Also got PCM 2022 and ONI and DST. All 4 games combined with tax was just over $60. That pretty much is what the sponsored stream for Star Trek will eventually pay me. So those people playing the mobile game for me covered the cost of the four games I just bought.

Thanks for reading this far. Thanks for tipping. Hope everyone has a good weeked.

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