Saturday Musings February 11, 2023

By SouthernStar71 | SouthernStar71 | 11 Feb 2023

Thyroid pill already taken. No bike ride today since this is part of the weekend and I only do the bike ride four times a week. Will do a bagel with a Coke Zero Sugar after I type this up. Meds and breakfast around 10. Ozempic at 2 with more meds at 4. TV is around 7 and bed with meds is around 10pm.

The LEC Group Stage starts today at noon. I plan to watch both BO3 matches. Could wrap-up early today as the first BO3 is likely to end after 2 games which should be quicker. The 2nd BO3 might go 3 games. It could go til 5pm like a round robin day goes. However, if the first series goes quickly and they start the 2nd series early, they could be done by 4. 

The LCS wrapped up week 3 last night. I will do a Week 3 Wrap UP video between now and noon. Here is the results video from Fridays games.


Daily posts about what I'm doing and feeling are getting tougher and tougher to do. This is mostly because I tend to stick to a routine and that doesn't make for the most exciting posts. I will keep doing these because it is now part of my daily routine. Sort of a Catch-22. 

I should be taking crypto articles and posting them with lots of graphs and pictures to get more tips. However, that really isn't me. I try to put myself out there and hope that you all find my existence interesting. I do Rollercoin each day. Maybe I should do an article about that as I've been on there almost 1 month now. It would be about what I do and the progress I've made. I also do Rising Star and Prospectors. Those "games" could be articles also. Let me know in the comments if those are articles you would like from me.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for tipping. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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I ramble weekly about things.


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