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Hey, cryptos Lover's your team is back, come on discovering new music!


If you have read our previous articles, you will understand that what we love in life is good sound, good vibe, an interesting stacking plan, and a big passion for cryptocurrency.

But our battle horse remains music, and as you know many artists have stopped their work due to the pandemic, many clubs and festivals are closing their doors, so we decided to act!

We decided to invest time, blood, money and digital ink to take action, and for that we are associated with a music promotion agency, all the tips that you give us , on the the series of #0|MUSIC DISCOVER articles will be used to pay for 10 campaigns for beginner or professional artists chosen at random in instagram.



WHO IS Find The Rose


The Find The Rose duocreated themselves in 2018 during the release of the album of nebula beatz 25% on this album , the duo collaborate don the track 5 , as this collaboration had worked so well.

These two artist decide to build find the rose blending their tastes and objectives .

Find The Rose Feelings

Both born into a musical family, Find The Rose have always had an ear for music and a love for different sounds.

Inspired by nature and the city environment, Find The Rose take influence from everything that surrounds them.

Hip Hop and R&B are their preferred styles but they like to stroll between hip hop and bass music too.

They are inspired by the likes of Hi-Klass, Kanye West, Mura Masa and Flume.

Masters of originality, Find The Rose creates a sound you will remember.

For my part, I had the chance to discover their music at the very beginning and the first music that I listen to and that I still listen to as often and a remix that find the rose made of petit biscuit, this music and incredible, it is unfortunately only available on their SoundCloud



Their music is really cool, it's a mix of several styles but done with their personal touches, I know that he takes care of all the phases of the musical composition, the research of all the voices that he will put on their music, he takes care of all the album covers, he also takes care of their mixing and mastering, and also their marketing, in real life I think he doesn't sleep much, it's two guys

I will give you a little focus on all the releases that we have already done, a little link  if you want to listen <3 : 



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Sound Of Crypto
Sound Of Crypto

I like to discover artists who are just as independent as blockhain, a bit of musical novelty to motivate themselves on their investments.

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