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Booba – Ratpi World 



He had been teased for some time now, he is now available.

Booba finally got the agreement of all the members of the group Aqua, and so we released his Ratpi World, inspired by the original track called Barbie Girl.

Between clashes on Twitter, the latest being DJ Snake, B2O still finds time to send in new tracks.

After his collab with Bilton on Chicha Menthe and then with Gato and Bramsito on Piccolo, it is this time alone that he sends us Ratpi World, produced by Noxious.

Very short (a little over two minutes), the track is exactly what the excerpt suggests: a chorus that echoes the original track and rapped verses well supported by the drums set by Noxious.


It comes with a music video, which mixes images of old DUC clips with current events or even… a Kaaris gif!

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Sound Of Crypto

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