The Yes and No Ordeal.

By Wakky Lyon | Soulproof. | 4 Sep 2019

So I decided to take a closer look at the Yes and No replies, and I discovered how, in fact, significant they are in the representation of our personalities, feelings, and mindset per time, other than being mere replies to questions or requests. 

Passively, when the yes word is heard or seen, one passes a positive judgement on it, and negativity is tagged to the no, but we all know that both are positive and negative depending on the given circumstance.

The Yes and No replies, in most cases, are just a warm hide-out for our fears, insecurities, indecision, and any other psychological or emotional state. Sometimes they're even a shield for our fragile or stony hearts. 

For instance, I saved up to buy this very adorable red crystal detailed Dior heels, and I decided to display it at the top of my wardrobe so it can decorate my room while I figure out what manner of ceremony would be worthy of my feet blessing it with such class, and my sister appears one day and spits out a careless "can I borrow your red heels please?" poison (What? You mean my savings that I haven't even tasted before? Just red heels? You won't even show some respect to the design? I mean, I'd die for you girl, but those heels? Na...). I can reply with a simple "yes, but be careful with it", or "no, take the black heels in the closet instead", but she'll never know how close she came to dying or killing me for my red designer heels. 

On another note, my boss can break into the office, chanting about how I did a crap job with my report and put him in a fix with the management and almost deep-sixed the department's performance for the month, and as he's leaving, I hear a deafening "Wakky do you understand me?!", then I own my "Yes Sir!" with my chest out and chin up, and just waltz away, when my heart is cracking a kumbaya like "no, I don't understand you sir, I can't even hear you.. Don't yell at me please.. I'm a baby 😥".

Alright, those are the very mere cases. My concern is when you say a blatant No to love with shoulders squared, when your heart was screaming "Yes! But I'm scared, and I need you to please help me deal with that, I'm tired of trying alone.."; and when you say Yes to a downgrading situation because you're tired of fighting or waiting, or you're just afraid to do what it takes for what's more preferred to come. 

My concern is when you'd rather say a damning yes to the bleeding of your heart, than say no and walk away from them or it.

A little over a year ago, I tried exercising my prowess over this kind of battle, and whenever I was faced with two such situations, I would choose the more difficult one and stick. This cost me a lot, but not compared to what I gained. I realized sometimes it's easy to help other people out of situations we can't help ourselves out of. I also realized I still lag somehow in the same subject, and my consolation is that we're humans, we never have it all perfectly figured out. 

Unarguably, there are times that Yes or No means "give me time to think about it please, I might want to change my mind later", because it's okay to be confused and uncertain sometimes. However, I would still like to be well grounded, so much so that whenever a debilitating or orgasmic situation called for a reply to a once in a lifetime kind of question like "is this really what you want? ", I would know the right point of no return to choose. 

Oh and, it's my first post on this platform, and here's me saying.. 

Hi! I'm Wakky. Nice to meet you 😘




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Wakky Lyon
Wakky Lyon

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