Nectar Of Freedom- A Poem

Nectar Of Freedom- A Poem

By Ryyu008 | SoulPoet | 13 Dec 2020

Overview: This is a poem about freedom and liberty from the mundane social conditioning that we inherit whilst growing up.

Soiled in sorrow
Hanging upon
Like beads
Of necklace
Stewn in a
Mighty fire.

Black n white
Brown n yellow
The colours splashed
About in dust...

But the dust remains
The same.

Flowing around
In roundabouts
Encircling the
Storms about.

The wind rushes
By whispering...

Lie not in these
Mere shadows
Of colour and joy
Of dread and sorrow

Learn to dance with
The music of the flux
Around ye o lil ones.

Must you sleep
Whilst the joy
And pain both pass
As mere dreams...

Rise above these
For thine are the
Rulers above these.

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