Songs I Love: These Are the Days - Neal Francis
Neal Francis

Songs I Love: These Are the Days - Neal Francis

By The Sad King Billy | Songs I Love | 19 Apr 2021

Funk is dead. I'm sorry was dead. Enter Neal Francis with a throwback sound I didn’t even realize I missed until it got my shoulders groovin' and my fingers snappin'.  The Chicago based musician sounds like a man who accidentally stepped through a time portal in the 70's, and popped out in the modern day.

This of course is meant to be, and absolutely is, a compliment. The entire debut album "Changes" is a groovin' and infectious R&B opus. A work from a different time but ultimately timeless.

The song I'm suggesting here "These are the Days", is one of the catchiest tracks on the list; and considering the other tracks on the list that's saying something. A sharp trill of horns and snares rolls us right into a hip swaying chorus, starting this song on a high note. While the tempo may change as we enter the verses, the momentum doesn’t. Each line feels like a step to the top of a staircase, of which you plan to ride down the banister once that chorus come back around.

If you're already a fan of Neal Francis, sound off in the comments and let me know some of your favorite tunes. If there's any other music you'd like me to check out to potentially get it's own "Songs I Love" submission feel free to share. I'm always looking for new music.


Stay cool.


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