Songs I Love: Apologize - Grandson

Songs I Love: Apologize - Grandson

By The Sad King Billy | Songs I Love | 7 Apr 2021

It's not everyday you hear a song that immediately makes you want to strike a cigarette, throw on your favorite oversized tie-dye wool pullover, and hitchhike your way through America's heartland.

Grandson (Jordan Edward Benjamin) has released quite a bit of music since this single initially dropped, including a full debut LP "Death of an Optimist" in 2020. But Apologize was my introduction to the artist and it's remained one of my favorites.

A quirky, wonky guitar intro that sounds like its coming through a warped gramophone lays the foundation for Grandson's vocals which hit swift and slick establishing the transient tone. Soon joins a marching drum that signals we're moving forward ready or not.

The style is rap meets rock, grunge meets hip-hop reminiscent of when bands like Twenty One Pilots first started to hit the scene. The context is the escapades of an individual, unapologetic as the title suggests, observing and navigating the systems meant to dictate his life. Living in the way that offers the most freedom but not necessarily the most security. I'm sure most of us could appreciate the appeal of this lifestyle.

If you're already a fan of Grandson sound off in the comments and let me know some of your favorite tunes. If there's any other music you'd like me to check out to potentially get it's own "Songs I love" submission feel free to share. I'm always looking for new music.


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