What will the future be like in a blockchain world?

What will the future be like in a blockchain world?

This will be a short post, I hope you enjoy it

Let's talk about the economy, politics, business, inter-commercial relations, let's talk about financing schools, organizations, political parties, donations, the taxation of workers, the payment of taxes.

We understand that this world is not so clean and if there are undetectable coins DASH, PIVX, Monero, Zcash




We have heard from politicians who have bought Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, for their economic and discreet advantage, and to be honest we all want to avoid paying taxes, and that they end up elsewhere.

But as will be all the transactions that will now be completely public and instantly you make


How will it be to see what the neighbor has stored in their finances even if they are anonymous by blockchain?


Are you willing to accept those traces of privacy and be public instantly? The reason for this is that you could just look for my name in a blockchain search engine and my crypto addresses would appear


Based on the fact that everything could become a token, my chair, my television, my laptop, and put a QR on it, then if it is stolen I could track it, obvious from the ground that they can be identified anywhere


But obviously those are very exaggerated ideas


Although of course if everything is validated in a decentralized way then we will see that this will be possible

But it will be in time the one that gives reason to those of us who see the follies of our time

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Sergio Alfredo Juarez Palacios
Sergio Alfredo Juarez Palacios

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Somklorios Baskerville

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