A Need To Learn

A Need To Learn

By sugah | something To Remember | 2 Jul 2019

Life sometimes could be very frustrating and the need to earn more becomes our only hope of comfort.

I am like that too.

Sometimes i get this feeling that everything would finally fall in place once I make some reasonable cash and maybe start up my farm (commercial) or a business.

If I am to remain truthful to my self, I must understand that to achieve the above I have to increase my ability to earn.

This is what brought most of us to publishOX . We came in search of more earning ability and the  publishOX platform is more than equal to the task, but not without a price.

Our ability to earn is not anchored only on discovering opportunities, but instead our earning ability increases in relative to how much we work to improve our skill sets and knowledge so we can perfectly fit in with our newly discovered opportunities. 🤑

To increase earnings we must first accept in our minds that

There is a need to learn more.

There is a need to form new skill sets.

There is a need to improve on old talents and skills.

As much as I act having in this direction, I can proudly say that the my ability and desire to earn will become a reality.

I humbly remain @sugah and I am learning to be a better individual and a source of inspiration to other.

I want toLearn something new today.*


Have a good read and remember your income is also determined by how much you know, or how good your skill is._


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something To Remember
something To Remember

On this blog I share my personal experience as I begin on my journey in the world of crypto currency. Here I try to explain how one can earn online.

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