The missing ingredient of dapp gaming: when are we going to get gameplay?

The missing ingredient of dapp gaming: when are we going to get gameplay?

I'm not going to front: I'm not the biggest gamer--I haven't owned a console since the ps2 was new and my pc gaming hasn't been active since my graphic card became obsolete with the launch of the current Gen. I occasionally zone out on some mobile gaming though, I love the indie game community and the accessibility of simple retro games and platformers, and will get hooked on the occasional Android game - so when I started learning about Cryptocurrency it was natural for me to fall in love with dapps.

Who doesn't want to make money playing games? It's an idea so simple and easy you could make an app with nothing more than a randomized spinning wheel and the promise of prizes and find success. The gaming industry has long been a money pit for my generation (and each subsequent generation) and it is considered common for an average gamer to drop 60 on a current game, and then proceed to feed that number further by purchasing micro transactions, monthly fees, and updates. The half finished game has become an industry standard, most studios will release barely functioning platforms as an initial sale, not even bothering to fix bugs first. Why would they? Not only do they know you'll pay for the game a second time,  they bank on it.

Where does this leave the player, once all is said and done? Do they have the opportunity to win that money back? To earn profits from involvement? What value did these investments return? If you are hoping for more than GameStop resale and clout points, and the time spent entertained, I'm afraid you are out of luck. Unless you are selling old rare games and imports you are almost always taking a %75 loss. I realize that fun is invaluable to the consumer, but no one has ever cashed in there game collection at the end of the day and been pleased with the transaction.

Gaming doesn't have to be a money pit anymore 

We have a normalizing Cryptocurrency community multiplying ideas and possibilities, creating sustainable business models and changing the way we think about and treat money. All the rules are changing, and gaming dapps, while still a relativity small market, threaten to take a slice of the pie away from big gaming, and then share a slice with the players by rewarding involvement, monetizing events and leaderboards, allowing investment level staking, nft ownership of items purchased or won complete with open markets, and most importantly turning our time into an asset. No longer are we customers, but in a sense, we have become employees. Games dont exist without players, and companies can't profit without the clout, involment, and investment of its users - the crypto Community has long taken strides in giving sustainable platforms to the gaming community, and there is finally a glimpse of the promise of major success. 

All we are missing is gameplay. 

Among the most popular and successful dapps on the market there is little to no skill or actual gameplay involved. You tap a button, manage some character stats, and control your items, sure, and you have the occasional animation that makes you feel as if you are playing a game, but skill is nearly unnecessary to obtain success. Even luck is a secondary function, as everything is given edge by the statistics and algorithm. So how do you win? What's the real commodity gamers bring to the game that separate the winners and losers? 

If your first second and third guess was money, you get a gold star. You could be the best gamer alive and it wouldn't get you ranking. You could be the most patient grinder on the planet, and after weeks you're efforts would not have given you the results and rewards a noob with  05eth and a gold item. Even when there is gameplay offered, it is so secondary and disatisfactory that it leaves me (and a great deal of the gaming community) asking the question:


Where's the fun? Where's the competitive clash of skill? If you were to strip away the presentation of dapp game , would there be anything left underneath than a staking pool? Is it so necessary to dress investment in a Halloween costume to attract younger users? Why is Solitaire Duel a more complex game of skill than Chainz Arena? It's clear the devopers have the funding to create an actual game, so why didn't they? What's the point of a tcg when you don't even get to play? Only one thing goes into a winning hand and the outcome would be the same no matter how many times it is played. 

I want real games in my crypto. I want to hone my skill and outsmart my opponents. I want to win and earn money playing, and when given that simple thing, I am more than pleased to throw every last drop of currency I obtain at it. 

Don't get me wrong, there are a few exceptions. The anime/western style hybrid Cryptospells plays much like a slightly simplified Magic The Gathering, and the rewards and value of cards are comparable. Many tcg games tend to involve deck building and skill as well as a bit of luck. You can't get rich playing a free deck on Cryptospells or God's Unchained, but you have room for growth, and after enough growth and time a free to play deck can result in monetization. 

I can't just complain all day without at least offering a possible solution however, so I'll finish on a more positive note:  

Games have been using something similar to Cryptocurrency since the dawn of internet gameplay. Even Mario is an entire franchise built on collection coins; the platform for a transition to the Cryptocurrency economy and community is not a huge leap, but a simple adaptation of one type of payment, and allowing players to own their in game items and winnings to trade or sell. We don't need a fake game empire built anew ontop of the blockchain as a gimmick, we already have crypto casinos - what we need is existing games to grow past an outdated money pit that takes its customers for granted.

Monetizing social media, games, and the attention of users is the first and last step needed to make this brave new electronic world sustainable - it's time to give in, scroll down , and tip my article, and as you do so, do it with the hope of a future were your attention is worth something . 

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