Growth of social media and future of crypto blogging platforms.

Growth of social media and future of crypto blogging platforms.

By Snow Under Sun | SnowUnderSun | 13 Nov 2019

Conventional social media had significant growth since 2010.

In 2010, only %10 of Americans use social media apps/sites.

in 7 years, market penetration reached to %80 of Americans. 

social media market grows %13 per year.

it brings many problems such government's keen to control, metadata source, et cetera.

Everybody remember Cambridge Analytica scandal in Facebook.

Netizens from developed countries moved from Facebook & Whatsapp to Instagram & twitter.

Facebook and Whatsapp are still popular between netizens in developing countries.



With crypto revolution, websites & apps which focus to crypto-based blogging, videotubing, photo posting and others started to appear.

Some has disappeared already.


Crypto rewarded blogging model looks most successful rather than others.

Steemit is old and big but people moving away from there for various reasons. and are shining stars in this area. 

according to the Alexa traffic, both websites are growing steadily and offer sustainable model.

higher traffic brings more ads income and will bring attention of market giants.


In my personal estimation, within 2 years, social media giants will approach to managements of crypto based platforms for buying to integrate to their own platforms.


Let's wait and see.



Snow Under Sun
Snow Under Sun

A westerner in Thailand. Previously,13 years Sales Executive in a Forbes 500 company and 6 years HR executive in a multinational company. Crypto trader since 2015.


A westerner in Thailand. Crypto trader since 2015. Previously Sales Executive in a forbes 500 company.

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