$0 to $1000,000 DAY 4/90 - $0.16 *First publish0x payment arrived today :)
$0 to $1000,000 DAY 4/90 - $0.16 *First publish0x payment arrived today :)

By SniperMax | SniperMax | 11 Feb 2019

$0 to $1000,000 DAY 4/90


Hey guys. It is day 4 only and already im tired af :D. Started to think did i set the goal too high??



So, what do i do at the moment. It was weekend, i spent most of the time at bars, pubs etc :) need to relax sometimes, afterall its hard to stare in pc screen all the time. Its beggining of the new week so started hardcore.


Done some smaller translations of ANN threads. Working hard on that CURES token translation and agreed with admin of Wolfpackbot to do the 45 pages whitepaper translation. I am really excited about that as they are paying 10,000 coins for the translation. That is 1 full masternode that is worth about $4000 ico price. (note: they already have 2100 masternodes online). Still not sure exact value as there is no exchange yet, but even if i get 25% of $4000 that will still be a great deal for few days of work.


Today i recived my very 1st. payment from publish0x platform in ammount of 822 BNTY tokens so im also very excited about that. Wondering how much of my 3 months goal can i reach with article writing.

My gambling journey is over as it seems as i lost 0.011 BCHSV that i had left on phun. However 0.27 BCHSV is nice winnings from a free tip and im happy about it.

Daily earnings are still going slow, as some time is needed for the coins/tokens i earn translating to arrive to my wallet, than to exchanges but after some time i expect earnings to raise drastically daily. We will see what happens, i hope for the best :)




BTC: 0.01 ($36.54)

BCHSV: 0.27 ($17.60)

BNTY: 1024.67 ($3.26)

WBTC: 30,000 ($???)

TOTAL: $57.40 + ???




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Crypto maniac. Earning fast, spending even faster! :))


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