$0 to $1000,000 DAY 2/90 +$6.07

$0 to $1000,000 DAY 2/90 +$6.07

By SniperMax | SniperMax | 9 Feb 2019

$0 to $1000,000 DAY 2/90


Hello all. Sorry for writing and publishing Day 2 article few hrs late, but it was Friday night and i went with my girl friend (not girlfriend, just a friend who happens to be a girl) on a night out. We know each other for +-20 years already, but after highschool i moved away, she stayed here and we were not in touch at all. 2 years ago we accidentally met on her new job at that time, we recognised each other (after all its hard to remember one persons face after so many years) and she was so glad to see me. I just broke up with a girl from the first post, and she brough light back into my life. 

But, lets start talking about the challenge.



So, after i came home from work i dedicated my day mostly to CURES token translation campaign on bounty0x platform. It is a huge task with about 25,000 words in whitepaper and over 700 phrases on the website, not to mention they did slappy job with whitepaper and it is hard task with editing.

However i dedicated myself into doing perfect translation without a single error to get maximum ammount of tokens. 

When i had time for coffee breaks and resting my mind from translating, i have done some smaller tasks on bounty0x platform like website signups, telegram follows etc... i also signed up to several airdrops that are running on bitcointalk at the moment.

Made a new account on bounty0x platform to become a sheriff also. Sheriffs are reviewing tasks that hunters participate in. This is why i withdrawed some BNTY tokens from here to be able to stake them in bounty0x platform and review tasks.

Requested withdrawal of 822 BNTY tokens from here, withdrawal is approved and waiting for processing.

Made some more tokens with previous article so i will count that in the breakdown, and regarding the translations and other tasks from bounty0x ill count that in once they are paid.



Had very little time to find any new casino rewards, but left myself with 0.001 BSV on Phun yesterday, made that to 0.031, withdrawed 0.03 left 0.001 for further play.



BTC: 0.01 ($36.68)

BCHSV: 0.08 ($5.30)

BNTY: 836.50 ($3.14)

TOTAL: $45.12



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Crypto maniac. Earning fast, spending even faster! :))


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