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By | Snatchprofits | 27 Nov 2021

SnatchProfits is all about automatic algorithms to trade Bitcoin (BTC). The neural network technology is used to find whenever BTC is underpriced or overpriced. This information is provided as AI scores, ranging from 0 to 100 to both, bearish and bullish sides (Figure 1). There are 3 AI score meters:

  • Short-range;
  • Long-range;
  • and Combined. 

The short-range AI score is based on the average AI score derived from the combination of 12 independently trained AI models. Each of them is trained with a 12 hours data window to predict moves above 1.5% within the next 12 hours.

The long-range AI score is based on the average AI score derived from the combination of 6 independently trained AI models. Each of them is trained with a 36 hours data window to predict moves above 3% within the next 36 hours. This signal predicts the overall market direction.

Finally, the combined AI score is given by combining the Short- and Long-range models (12+6) and offers higher prediction accuracy as the signal is given when there is a mutual agreement between both AI systems on the forecasted market direction. 

There is an option to turn on notifications. One option is to receive an e-mail each time AI score shifts to a Strong signal (>90%). Another option is to receive Telegram messages. 

3 Live AI signal meters. Black arrow indicates the last prediction. Gray arrow shows 2 hours prediction average score.

Figure 1. AI Score meters


Automated bots

Besides AI score signals, there is live information of trades and positions of 2 automated trading bots, that utilize these signals. The trading strategies are developed not only based on AI scores but also on technical analysis. More details information can be found here

As mentioned, there are 2 automated trading bots - Scalp & Swing. Scalp bot uses short-range AI scores, while Swing bot uses a combination of short & long-range AI scores as an average to find the best places to increase/decrease positions, placing many small bets along the way. No one in the world can know exactly what will happen next, that’s why bots use AI scores to help make decisions but do not trade blindly on them.

There are two main differences between Scalp & Swing bot systems. One has internal clock resetting every 4 hours and starts building position with DCA Y of every 0.25% of price movement from last trade when Swing bot system has internal clock set to 8 hours and DCA Y starts from 0.75%. DCA Y increases with growing open positions. Larger position bots have, larger DCA Y requirements become. Those can grow up to 3% or more. Meaning that there would be no action taken unless the price moved more than 3% from the last trade or entry price.

Scalp bot trading system results can be found here.

Swing bot trading system results can be found here


Live AI scores tab

This is the tab, where live AI scores, bot trades & current position are shown. These scores are updated every 5 minutes. Here you can find the links to turn on your e-mail or Telegram notifications. 



AI history tab

Here you can find a visual representation of Medium / Strong Signals on the Bitcoin graphs. Medium signals are >70%, strong signals >90%. 

AI buy/sell signals on time graph


Telegram messages example



If you want to learn how AI works refer to:



In order to get 1-month of free access, you have to register until December 1st. You will get full access to everything for the next 30 days after registration. 

Register here

Good luck and do not miss the chance! Happy trading! 

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