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Solana: Play to earn gaming taking over?

As we have seen over the years the general consensus from gamers and mobile gamers seems to be that majority of players would rather play games for free and pay for cosmetics and enhancements over time rather than paying a hefty price tag to play at all , although there is a large enough percentage of gamers who would rather pay for their AAA games for instance people will pay for dark souls or unique experiences but i think for games like NBA or other sports franchises in games and things like COD (call of duty) and many other recurring titles unable to make a unique and new concept will evolve in these free to play titans of gaming but this took time to for them to catch up now we see play to earn gaming (top shots a good example of sports in NFTs) taking over the same small and for now niche spots that free to play gaming once did but as we all know this is the beginning for a very long and exciting future for play to earn gaming as it will be almost obvious to the person who play league of legends or cs(counter strike) everyday that if he could get paid for all those hours he could be earning a serious salary and would have the job of their dreams! this will make the player base a massive market and an exciting adventure! not only will you be able to have fun but you will be able to command real earning power then you can convert into a real investment and even re-realize the potential of your capital when you grow old and tired of games or even sooner you can find all sorts of ways to continue investing using the money you gained in your youth or recent years of free time doing what you loved best! those earnings could be used however you want! A lot of people ask me "what game should i start with" , "all the good game's NFTs are already over priced what should i do?" to this i answer (not f.a.) its best to get into projects early find them on twitter/discord/market places for the blockchain you want to use, hang around and support them as much as you believe in them and DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!! (I like to use Solana as i believe its the best blockchain for gaming as it has lightning fast transaction speeds and with a very low transaction fees) ba7e08af0e285d73b61f0ebd65f41e82e2f4cc1403d7a4f771fbd5e58460ea62.png


A project thats on Solana I'm always happy to tell people about is Pixel Invaderz metaverse we have an absolutely incredible plan in place, we are constantly communicating between the team and community asking for feedback and acting upon it as well as we are hosting events often and doing collaborations, giveaways , surprises for updates and developments in the collection and ecosystem! We are super excited to show off our own upcoming play to earn game in the near future! we will have 2 tokens in our ecosystem a utility token for our game and a DAO token. right now you are still early to Pixel Invaderz. Pixel Invader will be a collection of 10,000 invaderz with 10 generations 1000 per generation. Currently released there is 1000 invaderz in our first generation gen 0 which only some of are on the secondary market as we already have a community but we have 3 or more collections coming and 9000 more Pixel Invaderz coming  the other 3 planned so far being planets , spaceships and ill keep that last one a secret for now! there will be Airdrops for hodlers, a hodl pool for passive income, in game advantages and so much more!

Come check out our website and join our discord for the latest and most up to date news, info, giveaways, rewards and events!

links to our socials, discord ,markets Pixel Invaderz are available at and our website >>>


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Smokey the Pixelinvader
Smokey the Pixelinvader

I love the Solana blockchain as its the best blockchain for gaming because it has very fast transaction speeds and very cheap fees this puts Solana is in a prime position to take over the gaming & metaverse market as it rapidly grows. Which is why i love NFTs like Pixel Invaderz metaverse NFTs that has it all. Pixel Invaderz is a Play to Earn game, NFT collection and your ticket into so much more! We have an awesome ecosystem with different tokens & NFT collections! come visit our discord for more info!

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