Solana: exciting new roads ahead

Pixel Invaderz is currently minting for the public sale on Magic Eden right now they will only be available for a limited time or until sold out please refer to the link here >>>


Pixel Invader is a collection Solana NFTs which will have a variety of uses such as , passive earnings in our HODL pool, a play to earn strategy game on the blockchain, a 2 token economy and so much more!


This is our latest public version of our tokenomics. Here we present you with our plan of how the Pixel Invaderz ecosystem will look. It is still a work in progress, some numbers can and will change. It is our top priority to design our tokenomics in a transparent and sustainable way to ensure the integrity of the Pixel Invaderz system.


for more information about the tokenomics please visit 

The game:

The Pixel Invader game is one of the most complex yet rewarding NFT game ideas out there today. It combines the power of the Solana blockchain with some of the most popular game genres and mechanics. Embark on a breathtaking journey through the Pixel Invader galaxy, play alone or join others in their never-ending battle to conquer the known universe.


If you want to learn more about our game check out our game mechanics : 



 have our 3d gallery , exploration demo , galactic map and more on our website plus our discord please check out for all our links










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Smokey Age of Sam
Smokey Age of Sam Verified Member

I am a team member of The Pixel Invaderz and Age of Sam

Smokey the Pixelinvader
Smokey the Pixelinvader

I love the Solana blockchain as its the best blockchain for gaming because it has very fast transaction speeds and very cheap fees this puts Solana is in a prime position to take over the gaming & metaverse market as it rapidly grows. Which is why i love NFTs like Pixel Invaderz metaverse NFTs that has it all. Pixel Invaderz is a Play to Earn game, NFT collection and your ticket into so much more! We have an awesome ecosystem with different tokens & NFT collections! come visit our discord for more info!

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