Podcasting Your Crypto Project

Podcasting Your Crypto Project

One of the first things a crypto project does, is run to YouTube to start a advertising campaign. We've all seen it happen with almost every new crypto that comes out. 

The cost for a YouTube introduction on a busy channel can be in the tens of thousands or more. The problem is though, most of the people you reach who watch these video channels normally don't spend much time watching, in fact, they tend to drop off at about 20% into the video.

Podcasting is different and there are several reasons why. 

1. Data consumption: Most of the viewers of video channels leave due to their data being used and hardly stay on for the whole show.

With Podcasts, most listen to the entire recording because it doesn't eat up their data. Thus giving the project group a better overall retention span of the listener and better money well spent.

2. Smarter Listeners: More often than video viewers, the podcast listener can actually afford to spend money on a crypto investment. Podcast listeners are often better educated than the average video watcher and actually more concerned about profitability than hype.

3. Attention: Unlike video, podcasts are often listened to while the listener is engaged in daily activities. This means they are 100x more likely to absorb and retain the information provided. This then leads to a higher margin of activity from the listener, which then leads to a stronger possibility for sales.

Take "Smash and Grab Investments" for instance.

With a higher listenership than the average podcast, it tends to draw a higher tier of investors. It's fees are lower, normally costing around 1,500.00 USD to 3,000.00 USD .vs 30,000.00 or more.

The idea here is simple. Target a better crowd of investors. Provide them with a more intelligent and productive platform and drive up your sales.

Its really that simple.

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Smash and Grab Crypto

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