Market Cap: Does it Matter?

The Answer is...

What is the number one thing most people look for when viewing stats on any particular currency?

Besides Price.

  • A. The Market Cap.
  • B. The Market Cap.
  • C. The Marketing directors email to tell them how crappy the ICO was.

D. All the Above.

Honestly, the Market Caps you might look at, are not mythical numbers of some unfortold future of great gains.

Market Cap numbers are merely simple mathematical equations.

Nothing much more. The price of a coin or token X multiplied by the overall number of coins or tokens in circulation. Nothing else.

Actually, the Market Cap really doesn't mean anything. As a matter of fact, coins are hitting the market with "Null" as a Market Cap. This isn't because their coin is worthless. They acknowledge that a Market Cap is meaningless.

The only problem is, because people happen to be in the habit of making choices based on Market Caps and when they see one with a NULL for a Market Cap, you can expect people to skip over it. Simply because most people think and believe that Market Caps are a "Tell All" for a currency.

I know of a few coins and tokens right now in the market that have interesting Marketing Caps.Β 351665157-f0ee746023c3943eb589127d4a7a452fbd25dafb8715739b042503efd38d97ae.jpegAs you can see here, NULL means Zero. Most people would skip over USE. Then if you dig into USE, you get the idea that maybe it doesn't need a marketing cap.Β 

There are other coins with pretty much the same type of MCs. The point is, having a Marketing Cap basically defeats the purpose for emerging coins and for coins with industrial uses. So for some, tossing that value label away helps with its initiatives.

The point of this article...

Don't be led astray by Market Caps. Sometimes, digging deeper than just a glance at a Marketing Cap can prove to be a much more profitable choice.


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